Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 15

I was going to write a big blog entry at work but alas...work was crazy busy! I loved it! I got to be productive, helpful and bless my co workers. Awesome. had lunch with my dear friend, Laura (my co blog challenge mate), and had dinner wth the women of my D Group. We had an AMAZING Life Group - prophesy, prayer, worship. So great. Encouraging!

It was go go go, non stop from 6:30am until just now at 11:22pm...I am writting this and then going to sleep...but the perk is I am sitting next to my husband with Amazing Race on in the background and a Sangria in front of me. Ahhhh.

Tomorrow is work, lunch with my sister and her friend Krista, then a Dentist Apt, dinner and an 8pm meeting at my house for the Women's Retreat. Phew.

Sunday is my birthday. I will be 28. Woooo....

Ok. GOod night

1 comment:

Paraphrase said...

Ha! I thought for sure you would miss this one with your crazy schedule. I went to bed at 11:00 pm, and STILL only managed to get just over 5 hours sleep :P


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