Thursday, May 19, 2011

33 Week Organization Challenge

Ok, so I’ve decided to follow along with Org Junkie’s 52 weeks of Organization and will start at week 33 since they’ve already completed 19 weeks, I can’t come up with more than 33 things (as we’ve been working steadily on the house for a year) and I want to be realistic with what I can accomplish. And as tomorrow marks the cutoff for week 19 and I don’t have any time tonight, I’ll be doing week 19 and 20 this weekend (which would be weeks 1 and 2 on my list. Phew). I also need to make breakfasts to take to work every morning so I stop eating bagels all the time, so roughly every 4 weeks I’ve got one of my tasks to be make 24 breakfasts.

Here is my list:

1. Sort Papers – Consolidate (from EVERYWHERE in house) and Conquer

2. Sort out storage area & organize Shopping Bags into a good system

3. Junk Drawer in Kitchen & deal with Car Bin in Bedroom

4. Basket in Bedroom

5. Make Egg Muffins (24)

6. Swap Winter and Summer Clothes/Shoes

7. Homestay Bedroom

8. Apply for Nexus (and other such tasks hanging over my head)

9. Closet in Bedroom

10. Make Egg Muffins (24)

11. Reorganize Big & Little Freezer (as they go hand in hand)

12. Sort bookshelf – books in order and by type! & reorder Games Shelf

13. Assemble Craft Station

14. Fill Craft Station

15. Make Egg Muffins (24)

16. Organize Far left Kitchen Cupboard

17. Closet in Bathroom – PROCESS

18. Bedside Drawers

19. Make Cards for all occasions (Goal of 30)

20. Make Egg Muffins (24)

21. Sort clothes/shoes and books for donations

22. Make Front Door Area look nice (outside)

23. Make Front Door Area look nice (inside)

24. Reorganize Pantry

25. Make Egg Muffins (24)

26. Print, frame and put up pictures

27. Re organize bottom Kitchen Shelving Area

28. Reorganize Africa Corner

29. Top of Fridge, Top of Microwave & outside of Fridge

30. Make Egg Muffins (24)

31. Grill Chicken Breasts and Hamburgers for easy meals

32. Picture Frames by bookshelves

33. Paint Turquoise Shelf Brown

Outside of this list I will be continuing to make 10-15 casseroles every 2 months for D Group, and for tired nights. I will also be doing my regular chores, as will Paul. Hopefully this will eventually get us to a place where we can finally have our house deeply organized and just maintain!

Also for June we will be doing the No Spend Month from Small Notebook. They usually do theirs in July, but June works better for us as we have numerous stag’s and stagette’s and weddings in July and will have to spend. We’ll be doing it slightly differently as we are not basing it off of a total budget…but realistically looking at the things we have to buy in June (food, gas, bills, etc) and then agreeing to cut out the extra’s. We will each forfeit our monthly “spending allowance” and we will only buy basic groceries (no chips, etc). We are taking two trips to the states during that month so we will be picking up things for the stag/stagette but those are budgeted for and are not extra spending. We may need to eat out with friends during that time, but we will have a small budget for the travelling meals – ONLY with people. Other than that we will be packing food from home for our trips!

I’m excited for this. It is good for my heart. It’s a bit like fasting with money. My heart gets greedy. I want want want want. I am a CONSUMER. Paul says advertisements were made for me; whenever I see food on TV I want it! Now! When I take a break from consuming, and focus on what I have and the riches God has blessed me with, I find I need less and I want less.

This is also really important for me as I am finally paying down my debt and I want to be able to advance forward in life without feeling the need to spend and consume. Through taxes and severance and bonuses God has really blessed us and we will finally be debt free. God is a good God and I want to honor the blessings he’s given us.

For Paul (who could go months without spending and only has a spending allowance because I made it so) this will just be a treat. He loves to be frugal.

I’ve decided that I will start by myself to keep my costs down. From now until June I will not spend on myself. We have bday parties to go to so we have to eat out but aside from that I will not spend. I decided this yesterday. It was the hardest time walking home past Tim Hortons and the flower shop and so many stores. Day 1 and the temptation was already extreme!

Tonight I am making Shrimp Alfredo Linguini (really Spaghetti Noodle, not Linguini), Chocolate Chip Banana Loaf and Zucchini Loaf with Chocolate Chips. I will then hang out with my sister and my nephews. It is a good night.

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LeAnna et David said...

I'm doing an 'austerity challenge' between this month and next. Not a true no-spend, as there are some events upcoming, but at least a revamping.


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