Thursday, May 26, 2011


Here is my list for the 33 week organizational Challenge. This week I should be working on number 3. Instead, it’s Candace’s Stagette and Wedding weekend so I’m pretty sure I’ll be going crazy shortly. The bolded ones are the ones I haven’t even started on. Woo. And I volunteered for this!

1. Sort Papers – Consolidate (from EVERYWHERE in house) and Conquer

2. Sort out storage area & organize Shopping Bags into a good system

3. Junk Drawer in Kitchen

4. Homestay Bedroom

5. Swap Winter and Summer Clothes/Shoes

6. Basket & Car Bin in Bedroom

7. Make Egg Muffins (24)

8. Apply for Nexus (and other such tasks hanging over my head)

9. Closet in Bedroom

10. Make Egg Muffins (24)

11. Reorganize Big & Little Freezer (as they go hand in hand)

12. Sort bookshelf – books in order and by type! & reorder Games Shelf

13. Assemble Craft Station

14. Fill Craft Station

15. Make Egg Muffins (24)

16. Organize Far left Kitchen Cupboard

17. Closet in Bathroom – PROCESS

18. Bedside Drawers

19. Make Cards for all occasions (Goal of 30)

20. Make Egg Muffins (24)

21. Sort clothes/shoes and books for donations

22. Make Front Door Area look nice (outside)

23. Make Front Door Area look nice (inside)

24. Reorganize Pantry

25. Make Egg Muffins (24)

26. Print, frame and put up pictures

27. Re organize bottom Kitchen Shelving Area

28. Reorganize Africa Corner

29. Top of Fridge, Top of Microwave & outside of Fridge

30. Make Egg Muffins (24)

31. Grill Chicken Breasts and Hamburgers for easy meals

32. Picture Frames by bookshelves

33. Paint Turquoise Shelf Brown

Laura at the Org Challenge says not to be discouraged if you fall behind. I refuse to be upset. I’m busy. Life is busy. A dear friend is getting married. Life is wonderful.

Someone at work gave me flowers since it was raining (still unsure how that connects) and my boss complimented me. I am wearing a jean skirt and leggings. I don’t work tomorrow. Life is great.

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Paraphrase said...

Sweet :) I'm glad life is awesome! It will be more awesome tomorrow cause I get to see you!


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