Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas has been lovely. 
I have been in the spirit.
Mmmm. Skinny Peppermint Mocha FTW

 Paul fell asleep...I got to mess with him:

 Friday, December 23rd, we got to enjoy a party with many friends. 
Irene and I had much fun! Ebony and Ivory!

Paul and I love to hang out with friends.
Their was a gift exchange - we were trying to get some sweet gifts out of the deal.

Hopeful....partway through

Let it be true! (and it was!)

Our dear friend Astrid returned home to the Philippines - some of the gang made a photo of her to bring along to keep her with us. 
We miss you!

Can't wait until you return!

Christmas Eve we headed out to Surrey for Christmas with Paul's family. Rum & EggNog, Turkey and all the fixings, TriBond and laughter. It was a perfect time. Paul and I were bunking up in the family room on a cozy mattress in front of the fireplace. It was a perfect night.
In love at Christmas!
Merry Christmas from the Morgan's.
 Christmas day we spent the morning with Paul's family still, and then headed back home to tidy up and get ready for my families arrival at our place.  My sister's family, my parents, our friend Jason, and our upstairs neighbours all came for dinner. It was loud, crazy, and absolutely perfect. Kids shrieking, food cooking, dishes stacking up....We loved it. 

Me, serving drinks during the card playing portion of the evening

Jason, Dad & Jenna during our game of 31

Paul, Colin and Mom:
The boys getting 'er done on the PS3 and Mom happily watching "The Help" on the iPad.
Today we slept in and then joined our friends the Chibota's (see Irene above) for a day of food and relaxation at their place - it was a perfectly lovely Boxing Day. We were there for almost 6 hours.

After we returned home we dragged a mattress in to the living room and set up camp: drinks, leftovers dinner, chips and cuddling....we got through some Arrested Development and all of "Love Actually". 

Side note: In all our time together I have NEVER made Paul watch a chick flick....I finally decided to make my move...and guess what, he actually enjoyed "Love Actually". I'm glad I saved it not only for something good, but also for one of my favorite movies. 

Cuddled up in our makeshift floor bed, with the Christmas tree as our only light, a favorite Christmas movie playing in the background, and my husband snug beside me, I realized I could hardly be happier. 

This Christmas we have gotten to spread God's love to others through gifts, time spent and hosting those with no where else to go. We have gotten to spend time with friends and family. We have gotten to have wonderful quiet times together that let us savour being in love. We have had amazing talks about what it looks like to love God, and follow him, and take steps to walk that out. I LOVE this time of year.

Next up, tomorrow: Shopping with my sister, movies alone on the couch and then Christmas "Eve" Fondue at our place....welcome more family!

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