Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catch up day

Today I got caught up.

Yesterday I missed getting up with Paul for his birthday to make him breakfast (I was in a fog of sleepiness) so I got up at 5am today to make him lunch and breakfast for the day. Then I went back to bed until I had to get up for work.

Work was a lovely busy day. I had a great lunch with my lovely office pal Laura and she gave me all the photos from the party I threw for Paul - which I promptly left at work, so I'll be posting them tomorrow instead of now :(

Tonight Paul had a youth leaders meeting/potluck dinner to go to, so I made his favorite Rice/Broccoli Casserole and sent him along. I made one for Karen and I as well. I also moved furniture around, tidied, organized, did laundry, cleaned out the microwave, cleaned out the fridge and refilled everything that needed refilling. While I did that Karen did a huge amount of dishes - she is amazing. Our house is now organized and it feels wonderful.

I had hoped to work on my christmas crafts tonight but through a tragic spray paint on my nice table cloth incident, I've realized that I'll need to complete the project outside...and in the light. Sunday morning here I come! Paul has even consented to help me then - as I need his building savvy. He'll also be building me some shelves for my Christmas Gift from his mom - 16 white mugs (finally completing my set of 16's...Plates, little plates, bowls, mugs & glasses. Wahoo!)

Anyways I've moved some things around our house...here are some photos!

Switching tables around - loving it!

New seating area! All for free!

Without Pillows?

Or with?

1 comment:

Paraphrase said...

Cute seating area! I vote for without those pillows. If you want to do a pillow on them, I would buy or make a tiny one (Maybe 1/3 the size of those ones) that matches each chair exactly.


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