Monday, December 5, 2011

Organization Goals - month of December.

I am writting this mostly for myself so I have a record of when I plan to work on things, but by posting this online it helps pressure me (in a healthy way) to complete my organization goals.

1. Organize Craft Things. This is a big job. I am giving myself two evenings to work on it. December 7th & 14th.
2. Make Christmas Cards. This is time consuming, but with christmas movies and sangria, very enjoyable. I've again given myself two evenings to work on it. December 20th and 21st.
3. Make non-Christmas Cards. I've had to give out store bought birthday cards lately because I didn't have any prepped at last minute parties and would like to get back to having a stockpile of cards. I'll work on this all day December 28th, while I'm off of work and Paul is at work.
4. Organize hallway bookshelves. Sort out bedroom: Organize Closet, bedside table, and generally tidy room. I'll do this on my day off and Paul's work day, December 29th.

I"ve spread these tasks out over the next month so that I can still enjoy this coming month. I have 5 whole days between christmas and New Years that I won't schedule anything, including one day that I have off and Paul works. It shall all be lovely.

On top of those goals, I will be doing a little bit of christmas baking. I already have most of it done but I'll be making Almond Roca, and some sort of mini cupcake and cookie to add to the fudge and bark I've already got. These, compiled in little christmas chinese take out boxes, will be our christmas gifts to family and host gifts at parties.

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