Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catching up

I have been terribly remiss from blogging for two reasons 1) I tried to blog but blogger wouldn’t post my pictures the right way around and my post desperately needed pics and 2) It’s been super busy and I’m very tired from all the busy.

I can say that this weekend was lovely.

Friday: Every Nation Vancouver Christmas Banquet – I organized it with some friends and it was lovely. All the planning and flow went well and people had a great time, wahoo! Paul had to stay home sick but it was still a great night.

Connor, myself and Lyndsay

Dancing it up - I'm in blue there

Dancing with my nephew - who was the center of attention as he danced...always in the center of a group of girls.
Super popular.

Lynds and I!

Many new friends enjoying the night!

Myself, my Dad and my nephew Austin. Love!
Saturday: Paul was sick so we canceled all our plans and stayed in. We slept, rested, chatted. He slept more, I visited my sister, he played video, I bought groceries and finally we both went over to my aunts house for dinner and the hockey game. By that point Paul was going stir crazy and had to get out of the house. He’d been inside our house since Wednesday at 5pm, so by 5pm Saturday he needed to get out.

Sunday: We slept in again – did crafts at home (pictures to come once I can get them to format properly), ate many leftovers, went to church and then headed to Stef and Jodi’s place for a Christmas Morning / Pajama Party. What a fun night! We ate Breakfast Casserole and Crepe’s…we all wore PJ’s and played Christmas music trivia (which I rock at – I’ll admit though that while I am great at it, the main reason I won was that no one else played) and then ran around the neighborhood on a scavenger hunt that they created for us, complete with caroling and ending at an outside fire. We also did a gift exchange where Paul and I brought one real gift (home made baking mix and chocolates) and one silly gift (a picture frame, complete with photo of us and the caption “true love”). We left with 5 dollars wrapped in duck tape and 5 dollars to whole foods. So pretty good!

Monday: Was back to work as usual. After work I had fun making dinner with Karen and finishing off the crafts we started Sunday. Then our dear friend Laura dropped in for a visit, and after she left our life group came over for a planning meeting since we are in charge of the sermon on Sunday. When that was over, Lynds and I stayed up chatting and Paul and Jonathan took a trip to Richmond to drop our car off at the mechanics. It was a great time. Paul and I went to bed so pleased/content/joyful about the life we live. We were ecstatic to be where we were at…still are!

Tuesday: was work again, bike home, and then getting ready for my work’s Christmas Party. We took a taxi there and back, and met up at the Irish Heather in Gastown. We felt very urban that evening…both in leather jackets, me in heels, taxying around, hanging out with downtown people…it was fun to sort of pretend for a night. It was great to talk with my co workers and their spouses outside of work – you understand so much more about people when you see them in a different environment like that, and especially when you see their spouses. It explains so much about who people are…and it’s really fun!

Wednesday: After work was done I transited home and took a long nap to make up for the late night, then joined my friend Sarah downtown for dinner, and then we joined a group of girlfriends going to see “New Years Eve”. It was a wonderful night and a great movie. I love my friends!!!!!

And now it’ Thursday – work has been super super super busy, this is my first moment all day to stop. After work I’ll be biking home to cook dinner, do some baking and hopefully be asleep by 10pm. Please God let that happen!

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