Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmassy Thoughts

Today is lovely.

I slept in until 10am, Paul had gotten up much earlier and gone to work so I was left alone to sleep, which means more sleep for me!  I got up, had a shower, ate breakfast, did normal things and then cleaned the house – washed all the dishes, tidied, ran laundry and then prepared to hit up the back closet storage room. 2 hours later I finally manged to have it tidy and organized. It was  a lot of work!

Jenna, Connor and Austin came by after that and we decorated my tree. The house is looking quite festive.

Now Paul and I are curled up on couches watching the 90’s classic, The Net, with Sandra Bullock, eating dip and chips and drinking wine. I’m also working on making our Christmas Wreath, and with that our Christmas Decorations will be complete.

At 7 we’ll be heading to our friends house for dessert and games and then later back home to rest. It is a perfect day.

Nancy helped us organize our bookshelves.
And I finally got to put Paul's car's away and fill our cabinet with dishes! Like real grownups!

Our tree!

 My skinny Santa - I made him at a Lady's craft fair when I was 10 and he's been in every home I've had since then.

Tree and living room

So ready for Christmas!!

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