Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas and Clothing

I see a lot of fashion bloggers and/or friends of mine posting pictures of themselves in their daily outfits. I am DEFINITELY not a fashion blogger...and I pick my clothes at home, stuff them in a backpack, ride a bike to work, then change into my clothes at work - so it's generally a crapshoot as I often discover strange oddities...wrinkled shirts and pants that don't quite match my top in the light of day.

Outfits from this week:

Monday: I thought it was a cute idea. In person it seemed a little wrong and frumpy, but I'm not sure.
Also I learned I'm not great at bathroom self portraits.

Tuesday: I love this's cute in person than the mirror though.

Wednesday: I felt tired needed to look professional. Quick grab from the closet and I'm happy with the end result.

Friday: I wore this at work and liked it so much I wore it home. Cuter in person, again, than the photo.
But much easier to get a photo when Paul is willing to take it!

Me blogging, moments ago :) 
Also our house is even more decked out for Christmas now and I'm loving it! We're getting ready for a Christmas Dinner at our house tomorrow with friends, family and some new international students; students who have never been in a Canadians house!

Treats for a visit with Ana and Josh.
Karen and I made Peppermint Fudge, Peppermint Bark and the mini Festive Cups.

Karen and I made these hats last night, aren't they adorable? So festive, easy and fun!

Alright, time for bed - I've got a turkey dinner to cook in the morning for 12 people and, as speak, a turkey defrosting in the sink. It's been in the fridge, unfreezing for a week but needed some water time to fully defrost before the cooking tomorrow. Oh Turkey, groped with butter and garlic, cooked in a will be so tasty tomorrow.

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LeAnna et David said...

the top one looks very European, or at least English. So many people wear outfits like that at my office :)


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