Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decor

Today Paul and I had a leisurely sleep in. Then I hoped on my bike and headed down to Cambie and Broadway to meet my friend Sarah, at Caffe Citadella. it was lovely.

Afterwards I headed home to meet up with Paul and go to Richmond for grocery and craft shopping. The fact that Paul was joining was a huge treat, and a real labour of love on his part. He hates driving in richmond, and HATES grocery shopping. He had never been craft shopping but had already guessed he'd hate it. But he endured and came with me anyways.

We have two projects on the go, both for doors in our home. One is something to put on our front door instead of a Wreath, for Christmas, since we already have a all year wreath next to our door that I don't feel like taking down. The other is a Christmas Frame, with wire and christmas tidbits for our living room door, which is more like putting it on a wall since that door remains open at all times. At Micheals we found almost everything we needed.

The two photos below are the inspiration for our door christmas craft:
 And this is the inspiration for our indoor one. Except not an advent calendar, but just christmas themed, since we subscribe to the regular chocolate advent calendar tradition.

Here are the supplies we came home with (plus red spray paint and a Micheal's M). 
I'll be working on these Tuesday evening, photos will come then!

In the meantime I did get to complete one small project tonight. At Micheal's I scooped up some clear, plastic christmas balls to fill with random felt scraps from my last wreath project. I've already added them to my tree and I love them!

Balls before the stuffing

Balls - stuffed and ready for decorating. Sounds dirty, doesn't it? It definitely wasn't the point.

The complete set!

So cute!

On the tree!

Paul joined in on the fun - Below is the "ornament" that he created. 
Dollarama - Fish lure - wire and voila, Paul makes an ornament ;)
Yup, that's what I'd hoped would be on my tree.

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