Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Season

That's right. I said Holiday season. I do celebrate Christmas and I proudly call it that, but this post is about the season that includes Christmas and New Years, so I needed to generic. I wasn't being PC.

Last night was a perfect, soft glow, mellow, Christmassy spontaneous date night. My plan was to bake some cookies and make treat bags to give to my family. I’ve already made all the other desserts. As Paul and I were munching away on leftovers, I realized we hadn’t gotten to spend much alone time in a while, and since Karen was out for the night and we have plans each night until the 26th, that it was a perfect time to choose him. I knew that I could pull the treats together that I needed for Christmas before we left for Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, and that I had honestly probably already baked way more than enough. So I chose my husband over baking and crafting. I chose my husband over business and productivity.

We curled up, entwined, under blankets on the couch, Rum & Egg Nog for him, Sangria (followed by Disaronno) for me. We had a show on in the background, I had a book, and we also talked. Restful, loungeful, lovely. So needed and so appreciated. The time felt so intimate and like a huge gift. We were in bed by 10pm, curled up cosily – I sleep best as the big spoon. It was perfect and it felt like a picture of what marriage should be. I mean, the intimacy part…there’s obviously more to marriage than just being close.

I’m so excited for Christmas. SO. EXCITED. I LOVE Christmas. Love. I love family and friends…and Christmas is always filled with both. Here are our plans:

Christmas Eve, eve (aka Dec 23rd): Work until 3, home to bake cookies & wrap gift exchange gifts then to a Christmas party thrown by the Philipino life group at church.

Christmas Eve: SLEEP IN, pick up last minute gifts (as shopping time proved elusive this month), head out to Surrey for Christmas Dinner with Paul’s family and Christmas sleepover!

Christmas Day: Sleep in-ish, unless we’re sleeping in the family room in which case we might not get to sleep in that late. Breakfast with the family. LOVE it. Head home whenever the heck we want (love freedom and no rushing at Christmas) to get ready for dinner at our place with my family. Cooking big Christmas dinner [Turkey (already cooked from last weekend, frozen in the drippings, ready to be popped in the oven in an oven bag to keep tender in the reheating], Mashed Potatoes, Gravy (made last weekend and frozen – will be mixed with leftover drippings and recreated to ensure freshness), Roasted Veggies & Green Bean Casserole (because you have to)]. If no one brings dessert then I’ll whip up at batch of Christmas Cookies that I saw a recipe on a blog for, and oh man, do I hope I get to do that.

Boxing Day: No real plans! There are no family gatherings planned [shocker] so Paul and I will be resting, watching movies [he’s promised to watch Love Actually with me] eating and playing board games. WE may randomly visit family, we may not. The world is our oyster.

Dec 27th: Mitchell Family Fondue – favorite tradition for my immediate family and my Auntie Lesley. It’s our Christmas Eve Fondue that now doesn’t have to belong to one date. We LOVE it. This will also be at our house. Cheese Fondue with bread and veggies, Oil Fondue with meat & Chocolate Fondue with Fruit and Pretzels.

Dec 28th: Another free day! Paul will be back at work but I will not be. I will be at home. Sleeping in. Then organizing all my crafts.

29th: Another free day time, I will be making cards and then getting together with my 13 year old cousin Jessica to make Reindeer Cupcakes and Snowball Whoopie Cakes for our family dinner. Awesome! Big Mitchell Family Dinner – all the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc (except for those in England  and the Grandma in Port Alberni) together for dinner. There will be 21 one of us to start, though usually others get invited.

30th: No plans!

New Years Eve: Don’t know what to do. New Years Eve 2 years ago was my absolute favorite. Last years was petty quite. I’d love to find a way to replicate what was awesome about the one 2 years ago…but with many of those people now living in other places it seems hard. We had 4-5 couples over for New Years (Dinner and board games). It lasted until 5am, then the last set of us went out for breakfast until 7. I crawled in to my bed at 7:30. Paul and I were engaged then, so he went to the couch. How much better would that be if we were married? BUT I think only one of those couples are living in Vancouver now…and I fear if we try to recreate it won’t be as awesome, you know?

New Years Day: We used to always go to a New Years Day party – if we end up joining someone else’s party on New Years Eve and don’t throw one of our own, I think we’ll host some sort of shindig – I love the post New Years Eve party!

There you go, a tentative overview of our plans. Can’t wait!

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John and Becca said...

Sounds awesome Tara! Have a Merry Christmas! :) Say Hi to Paul, your mom, dad and Jenna from John and me!


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