Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 22: Camrose, AB to Calgary, AB

Day 22, Sunday: Camrose, AB to Calgary, AB
KM start: 164,941 Km
Trip Meter: 8,484 km
Time Driven: 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Sunday morning we woke up at a decent time. We were staying at the house Jodi was house sitting at and there were two large but cute Dogs. Paul was in doggie heaven. 

Then we headed back to Jodi's for breakfast and so that Jodi could pack - which was perfect because it gave me time to sort through all our receipts from the last month to find out how we'd done on our budgets for each category - food, accomodations, gas, etc. 

The tallying went quickly and smoothly - I'm so glad I waited to the end to sort through it all, it went very quickly. Paul was in charge of sorting them into their piles and I entered them in by date and category into my spreadsheet. And voila! We knew what we'd spent and how. And we came in under budget. By ten dollars. But still, that's under budget. 

Then we headed out from Camrose towards Calgary, we were heading to a small town outside of Calgary called Cochrane for a BBQ. I rode with Jodi and we chatted the whole 3 hour trip. Paul drove alone and listened to talk radio. It was a win win situation. 

The BBQ was at a ranch that was very cute and felt very much like I was in an episode at Heartland.

Most people that would be at Harvest Institute for the week were there - this would give us all a chance to get to know each other before the week started. There were about 40 people at the BBQ - the conversation was awesome and the views were spectacular.

Jodi and I were "meeting people" partners - it really helps to have a partner when you have to introduce yourself to strangers!

After the BBQ we drove the half hour into Calgary - we dropped our stuff off at our host homes and then headed to Timmies to wait for our crew. 

Paul, Jodi and I spent a couple hours waiting (we didn't know when there ETA would be) and talking - it was relaxing and enjoyable. It was great to be back with Jodi again, she's a wonderful friend. And we knew that many more of our friends were coming with the van's from Vancouver and we couldn't wait. 

We had a chance to take a sunset walk along a path while we waited and it was nice to stretch our feet and relax after all the driving and go-go-going. Finally at 9:30 the crew arrived and we were all reunited! Paul and I hadn't seen these Vancouver friends since we left, and I hadn't seen Stefany since she left on May 1st! It was a joy to all be together. 

Though it was brief, we sent everyone off in their cars to their host homes and everyone went home to sleep before a very full week!

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