Friday, October 5, 2012

This and That

Blog posts that stuck out to me this week:
  • An amusing piece, especially the multiplication song ideas.
  • Two wonderfully insightful pieces by Caroline Collie (who I pretend I know because we know people in common) about waiting and not waiting for the things we dream of. 
  • Less deep, but still very helpful, a piece on custom blog fonts.
  • Things Christians, especially women, should consider while considering dating.
  • Another piece by CC on receiving grace - this spoke to me loudly!
  • And lastly some sites on organization - here and here.

Music that makes me smile this week:
  • Psy's hit, Gangnam Style. This viral music video  has been viewed over 359 million times on YouTube as of October 3, 2012 and been on Ellen, spoofed on SNL, and parodied by many. Paul and I loved this parody with the Oregon Ducks and we loved this moment on SNL. (Sorry for the bad picture quality - I couldn't find anything good on YouTube)
  • Gotye's Album, "Making Mirrors." Somehow I never heard any songs other than "Somebody that I used to know" which I loved. But finally I listened to their whole album and I've been hooked. It's got Stabilio levels of moody music mixed with a surprise upbeat song. My favorites would be "In your light,"** "Eyes wide open," "I feel better," "Save me," and "Bronte"...and to be fair I could have picked more favorites. This album is just so great! 
  • **"In your light" would be the song I've had on replay every day this week - It's perfect for cleaning, biking, waking up....anything really. I bet it wouldn't even be bad to have playing in the bathroom. You know. It's versatile.
TV Shows that rocked my world this week (this and almost every week):

  • The Office (especially this moment) - I have been loving this season, which has been a HUGE surprise.
  • Parenthood (particularly interesting posts on the show here and here). Christina can drive me nuts, but this season she is blowing my mind. And really, Sarah Braverman looks so much happier this season, and I am loving the addition of Ray Romano! (Another thing I never thought I'd say, since I hated "Everybody loves Raymond")
  • SNL - as per usual. This is always true. And this last week was no exception. I do miss Kristin Wiig, Andy Sanberg and Abby Elliot, but the rest of the cast is pretty awesome. I'm not sure about the new cast members yet, but I don't dislike them, and that's a start, right?

 And to end with something real and from the heart; I would love to spend more time with God. I have a routine ready and time set aside and yet getting out of bed to do it is so so so hard. I am almost 30. Shouldn't this be easier yet? 

The conviction is slowly bringing about change in my heart though, and I am gaining more and more understanding about just how important this time with God is. This quote from the link at the top of the page really helped highlight my need.  

"Life is hard when all of your time is filled with doing things for and with other people.
Life is harder still when all of your time is empty and alone, and you struggle to find something to do to fill that abyss in your life. To have what some might think is the ultimate freedom, the radical autonomy to be without any duty or obligation to others, is actually a taste of Hell.
To be with others who have need of you, need of your love, need of your self-giving, is the more authentic freedom, paradoxical as it may seem, because it is more true to our nature as human persons — we are made to love and be loved in truth, and it is in such truth that we are set free. We are free to be who we are made to be, social creatures made for fruitful loving communion with others in one being.
The further paradox, though, is that to fully love the other, to better love our spouse or our children, we must in a sense, put them second, not first. That is, we must love God first, before we love them. But in so doing, we do not love our family members less, but more. In loving God before we love them, God takes our love, multiplies it by His own, and gives it to the other in an even greater and fuller measure than we could on our own. In love, God is not a competitor, He is a multiplier."
And that is helpful and needed truth.  

Well this post stirred all my love for Gotye again - I guess it's time to get back to work and crank that album while I work on PDF books and calendar appointments. 

Oh....and I'm stoked for this weekend:
Friday (today) - Work 7:30-2pm, nap, hopefully dinner with a friend, CHAPEL (Youth Band)
Saturday - Breakfast with my cousin Jessica, Dinner Prep, Family, Friends & International Dinner
Sunday - Sleeeeep in, Picnic date lunch with Paul at Van Dusen Gardens (his idea!), Hosting at church, Dinner & Games with the Froeses
Monday - Sleeeeep in again, Crafts/Hang out with Kathleen, Dinner Prep, Mitchell family dinner & hang out.

So stoked. 

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