Saturday, October 13, 2012

Back to the Grind: Life in Vancouver again Part Two

Now in case Part One of the "Back to the Grind" series didn't give you a complete enough picture of our lives Part Two will fill in the home and leisure activities part of the Vancouver life. 

Since being home I've decorated and organized. Our entry way seating area is bright and fresh again. 

We also got a new cabinet that is my command center and I'm in love. 

And finally I am reunited with my tupperware and it's organized.
Love it.

Also I've made crafts - kind of. 
I mean they are crafts in the strictest sense of the word but they serve a purpose. 

For example this former Christmas tin is now an all purpose holder with a chalkboard label.

Ok, this paper turkey doesn't serve a purpose other than to make me smile.
It's just a craft.

A paper craft that I made alone, as a 29 year old woman.

Also I cook and throw parties. 
BBQ's for 20 ppl
Desserts for 4
Breakfast Taco's for 3
Plus the weekly lifegroup meal of 15.

You know, the usual.

Also I organize some more.
And add more chalkboard labels to things

But it's not all organizing and labels - it's board games and fun with friends.

Power Grid

Also all this partying wears Paul out. 
He often falls asleep on the couch while I play board games across the room with others.

Also we eat popcorn and snacks and Paul buys me flowers. 
It's all quite lovely really.

This Vancouver life is a good sort of life.

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The Porters' Lodge said...

I love the chalkboard labels -- they're so cute.


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