Friday, October 19, 2012

My husband is so strong...

"How strong is he?"

He is so strong that he can break a casserole lid with water alone!

Yup, that's right. 

Last night I'd asked Paul to pop the casserole dish filled with chicken into the oven. I had the glass lid on because it was in the fridge all day and didn't want it to smell like fridge. I forgot to remind him that I never cook with the lid on. When I got home I noticed the lid was on the dish, and that the chicken and sauce was a bit soupey so I immediately took the lid off and popped it in the sink. 

Fast forward 2 minutes, Paul stopped by the sink to grab some water, he turned the tap on and this was the result. 

Crazy, right?

We learned three important lessons 
1. Lids break easily.
2. Don't put hot lids in the sink.
3. Don't pour water on hot lids if they are in the sink.

We learned this lesson shortly before our new friends came over - Lindsay and John. And after last night where we all talked non stop for hours, even forgetting to play a game we were so into the conversations, it's safe to say they are for sure new and great friends. 

I was having one of those awesome cooking days where nothing seems to go wrong. I love when that happens. I decided to try out this new recipe, "Melt in your Mouth Chicken" and man, it did not disappoint. It was amazing. I also roasted up some broccoli tossed in Johnny's garlic seasoning and sprinkled with slivers of Parmesan and steamed up some asparagus.

I knew I needed a side dish but had no idea what to make - I knew I wanted it to involve Pesto though. And pasta, preferably. I have some leftover Lasagna Noodles from making Lasagna's this week, so I thought they might be able to be used for something fun. If I had had Ricotta cheese I would have made something like these Pesto Lasagne Roll Ups. But I'd used that all up making the actual Lasagna's. I did, however, have cream cheese, so I decided to substitute cream cheese for Ricotta cheese and add sauteed spinach. 

So I sauteed spinach and turned it into a thick cream like thing (not too creamy, more cheesy) with cream cheese and swirled it all around with pesto. Then I laid out my Lasagna Noodle, and spooned the cheesiness about halfway down and then rolled them up. I placed them in a baking dish. I ended up making 7. Then I took the remaining cheesy goodness and spooned a bit onto each roll. I then mixed some olive oil, pesto and more grated parmeson and spooned all of that onto each roll. Then I sprinkled slivers of parmesan on the whole thing. I baked it for 20 minutes at 400. They were AWESOME. 

Look, here's the whole meal:

And in case you were wondering, as I'm sure you were, I am wearing an awesome outfit today. I mean, it's good. Plus the boots. Oh the boots. 

See I got new boots the other day at Zellers. Yes, well pretend to ignore the Zellers part. Normally $60 they were on sale for $30. I've been looking for a pair of near the knee, black "leather" boots for ages but have never fallen in love with a pair. Until now. 

Oh the love. 

This picture makes them look brown and my pants look black. Weird. My pants are in fact dark denim and the boots are black. Oh bathroom mirror photo, how deceiving you are.

These boots make me feel awesome. I love it. I feel gorgeous and sexy and powerful and professional, all at once.

I own the world, just FYI. 

I can't find a link to the exact shoes, but they're similar to these, but with a few random straps added. Oh and of course, not super fancy Steve Madden.

If these boots can make me feel this good, then buying this pair of boots can't be that far behind. 

And now I am back to work and then in a few hours off to the states for the weekend. I'll be staying with my friend Heather over night - with her and her family. She's pregnant with a second child, and I'll get to hang out with her firstborn, Jonah. Then Saturday I'm having dinner with my friend Rebekah and her boyfriend Tony. In between that I'll go grocery shopping and stock up so we don't have to go again until between Christmas and New Years. 

Oh and the Office last night was awesome. This season is impressing me a lot! In Canada you can catch the episode at the Global App on iPhone and iPad. It was hilarious. 

"What do we want?" "Pies!"
"When do we want it?" "Pies!"

I laughed a lot. 


The Porters' Lodge said...

That meal looks delicious. I love good cooking days like that :)

Avital said...

Thank you for posting the picture of the Steve Madden boots! I have been looking for boots exactly like that for ages and hadn't found them, so I looked those ones up, found that the Bay carried them and got them on sale today. All thanks to you and your blog picture!


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