Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back to the Grind: Life in Vancouver again Part Four

Back to the Grind: Life in Vancouver again Part Four - Nephews!

(And this week)

I am at work. I just got a phone call from my nephew. He’s four. He was asking if he could come have a sleepover with me. He wanted to know if we could make treats together. Melt my heart!

This past weekend we had the Youth Retreat – it was amazing. And I’ll be writing more on that tomorrow, but since then we’ve had dinner at the Mitchell’s on Monday night (I made Shepherd’s Pie for the kids) and a Chapel meeting, I made two huge lasagne’s for lifegroup, but then we cancelled lifegroup, so those got put in the freezer and Paul and I went out for Thai and spent a night resting at home – so needed after the weekend! And then last night was a family dinner at Jenna’s place for Austin’s 2nd birthday. It was a great night – plus I really miss my nephews so it was great to hang out with them. And our rad hang out must be what sparked Connor’s excitement for a sleepover, because we had a pretty good time together. Plus he helped me make the dessert or treats, so I can see he’s keen to try again. But more on that in a moment.

First off, I wore clothing again this week, and here is the picture proof:

Stripes: Monday / White Blouse: Tuesday / Pink Sweater: Wednesday / Grey Blouse: Thursday

Also the pants and white blouse with jacket added was my, going out for lunch "look". Mostly I didn't want to freeze while I walked to meet Laura.

What you can't tell is that those blue pants are actually turquoise.
Sad, because I don't think I'd wear blue pants but I would wear turquoise pants, and they are sooo cute. 
They are dress pants but skinny. Genius.

This is a close up of the grey blouse outfit because I really love this grey blouse and with this sweater have finally figured out how to take it from a summer tank top to a winter blouse.

Also you're looking at the proud owner of a Starbucks Gold card, personalized and everything.
I know that anyone can have one.
I know it only takes 30 drinks to earn one.
Let me rejoice in it, ok?

Which brings us to Austin's Birthday. 
He is turning 2 on Friday. He's getting so big!

Look at how cute he is!

When I got there I enlisted Connor to help me make dessert: Cream Cheese Filled Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread. Found here. His job was to flatten the cinnamon rolls so I could fill them with Cream Cheese. He did this excellently and with great concentration.

Then we loaded a pan full of them, poured some butter and brown sugar on top and baked it. And voila!

They let Connor and I sit together at dinner -we had way too much fun.

Austin was at the head of the table since it was his birthday and he looked sooo cute.
Also he loved his cake, especially blowing out the candles. He only needed help on one of them.

Paul and I bought the boys trainsets and boy did they have fun with them!

And then it was off to bed for the boys and shortly afterwards for me since I get up at 6am each morning for work. 

The silver lining for today at work was leftover Thai food and Salad for lunch. Mmmm.

And now I'm off to bike home in the rain, make dinner and have new friends over. I can't wait! I love new friends, and these ones seem especially awesome. So Lindsay, if you read this, I'm talking about you!

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