Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to the Grind: Life in Vancouver again Part Three

Of course a huge part of life back in Vancouver isn't just our family, but it's also our community - friends, church, etc. That makes up / takes up a huge portion of our lives. 

Lets see: we're involved with a youth worship night that happens once a month called Chapel. It started last January with 60 of our kids and has turned into an event with over 150, this last one had 185 at it!

It's a night of worship, dancing (in praise and worship) and an after party downstairs with lots of food, music and sweaty teens. It's awesome. I would have loved it at that age, and it's still a good time, though the after party can be a bit tiring for me - I can tell I'm getting old. 

This last Chapel (with 185 kids) Paul preached. He did an amazing job - it was a bit of a gut punch but it was a true gospel message with the reality of our fallen condition and the reality of salvation. To quote one of the kids, "Thanks for that painful message - it was amazing". Truth can be hard, but it is needed, and it gives life. 

With the gospel truth comes new life. We had Baptisms at church, I was the MC - there were 6 youth and then 6 adults being baptized. Below is a shot of me interviewing the 6 adults during their testimony type. I'm the one that isn't asian :)

I love baptism time.
It's a celebration of new life - it's a time to hear the stories of people...
People who were broken, and then healed by God. 
People who were lost and found in Christ. 
People who were crippled by insecurity and then given a reason for confidence in God. 

Those are miracles and I love to hear them. 

The week after our church's baptisms Paul and I drove out to Chilliwack to see Paul's friend Dave gets baptized. Not only was it a joyous time to see Paul's friend make a choice to follow God, and to hear his story, but it was so wonderful to hear the stories of the 14 others getting baptized. The testimonies were honest, beautiful and amazing. I loved it. 

We also have kicked into Lifegroup Season - each week we feed 12-20 people. We eat together, worship together  go through sermon notes and pray together. We laugh and talk and discuss and I love it. 

Also it was birthday season at LG, so we had a cake for Jonathan, Laura, Lyndsay and Kayla. Phew so many!

Speaking of Lifegroup - Stefany is in our lifegroup. She's a photographer. Here is her brilliant idea for Christmas gifts.

Also we've had weddings in our church community. The first weekend after we got back from our big trip we headed to Washington State for the lovely Bev's wedding. She was marrying Brett, and with her son Jared, and his kids they were forming a beautiful new family. It was a beautiful, touching, comfortable, joy filled wedding and I loved it. 

Plus it was fun to be away and partying with so many loved ones. 
Also we made a craft...our table one, so we got to eat first.

We've also had baby showers in our church - we got to celebrate the pending birth of Adaeze's new baby. Most of us hadn't met Adaeze before as she is new to the country but we were excited to come meet her and celebrate her new arrival. We ate lots of tasty food, had great conversation, and got to spoil her with gifts, and with meals after the birth of her baby. I love being in community and loving people as a team. 

Church keeps us busy and happy. I love every minute of our community. We missed them this summer and we are so glad to be home with them.

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