Monday, October 1, 2012

Final Day: Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC (HOME!!!)

Final Day, Sunday (Sept 2nd): Calgary, AB to Vancouver, BC (HOME!!)
KM start: 165,242 Km
Trip Meter: 8,785 km
Time Driven: 2:30pm - 2:30am

We went to church in the morning on our last day in Calgary. Neither of us had been to the Calgary Church, UChurch, before and we were excited to see what it was like. It was an amazing service. Not only was the worship fun, and it felt like a giant extended family, but also there was a cool time of healing and prophecy and watching people freed from bondage. It was amazing. 

We went out for Vietnamese with some of the gang from Calgary, Van and Montreal - plus Dr. Brian from Nashville. It was a great way to end the time. 

And then we needed to get on the road since we had a 12 hour trip ahead of us. 

The drive home was LONG. Long but beautiful.

And finally we crossed over into BC!

We stopped for dinner in Revelstoke and while we were there and I was texting my friend Laura we realized they were in Salmon Arm, which we would be driving through in an hour. So we stopped in at Timmies to see them (my fourth Steeped Tea of the day) for about half an hour. It was great to see them again.

Then I took over the driving since Paul was getting sleepy and we still had about 6 hours to go - Paul fell asleep immediately once we got in the car so I managed to finish off the rest of my Danielle Steel audiobook, which I was so thankful to have to occupy my mind since the drive was dark and monotonous. But we made it home safely (3 energy drinks and 3 Steeped Teas later - not normally recommended) at 2:30am. Woo! I've already written about how that all ended.

And so I've had a chance to do our tallies. 
So fun to see the trip laid out in numbers. 

Total Trip KM Start: 145,166km on car
Total Trip KM End: 166,183km on car
Total Trip KM Driven: 21,017km driven in 3 months (and 2 days)
Total Trip Miles Driven: 13,059 miles driven (for you americans)

Spending Totals:
Food on Average for first 10 days to Nashville: $22/day
Food on Average for Nashville (including eating out and feeding friends): $30.47/day 
Food on Average for last 22 days: $18/day
Food on Average for Harvest Institute in Calgary: $12/day

Gas TOTAL: $1846.92
or $.09/km
Travel Accommodation Total (not including rent in Nashville): $876.84
Travel Accommodation Average per night: $27.40

We made our budgets! 
We came in under budget at the end of the summer - $10 under our goal for the whole summer. Daaaang, that is amazing. 

I wanted to take a quick second to thank all the people that we stayed with and who fed us - you helped us stick to our budget, you showered us with love and food and we LOVED spending time with you. 

Thank you to the Seymour's (Vancouver, WA), Pfaff's (Maple Grove, MN), Mingus' (Thompson's Station, TN), Mom & Cris (Austin, TX), Morgan's (Glendale, AZ), Chapman's (Eugene, OR), Miles' (Gresham, OR), Siewerts (High River, AB), Harrison's (Camrose, AB) and Chin's (Calgary, AB). Phew! We loved our times with you all. Plus you spoiled us with amazing meals, great conversations laundry privileges and a few pools - it was a joy to be with you all.

We had a wonderful summer - time to meet new and amazing friends all across America, time to reconnect and grow stronger together in our marriage (especially after our 6 weeks apart), time to see a beautiful country, time to rest and adventure and a time to grow closer to God and to learn more about His plans for our lives, His love for us and those around us and how to respond to a God this good. 

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