Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to the Grind: Life in Vancouver again Part One

I've decided to start what we'll loosely call a "series" of posts based around "Back to the Grind: Life in Vancouver again".

Also, calling it a series would imply that there are more people that follow this blog than actually do, but whatever I'm fine with that. A series I will call it. 

And it won't really be a long series, just four parts. 

Mostly I'm writing because I've been back in Vancouver since early Sept, it's mid Oct and I have only written two or three non-trip posts. And I've amassed quite a few pictures because honestly life is awesome and full so there's much to document. And because there are so many pictures and things I'll break it into four sections to not overwhelm you. 

So today, lets tackle part one...

Back to the Grind: Life in Vancouver again, Part 1

Coming back to Vancouver means coming back to regular life. This involves, for me, being back at work, being back around my family and being back at posting outfit pictures in the bathroom. You missed that didn't you?

As we traveled the US it was easy to fall in love with new cities, sometimes because the city was new and cool, and sometimes just because Vancouver-you-kill-me-with-how-expensive-you-are-so-expensive-anything-is-better-than-you. But my first bike ride back down Cambie and into downtown reminded me of how beautiful this city is. 

And the ride home past Queen E Park is pretty nice too.
It helped that it's been sunny until this week, and dry until today, October 12th!

I was reminded that downtown Vancouver is bright and sunny

1. Sun by buildings at Georgia and Burrard
2. Pizza and Salad at eight and 1/2
3. Starbucks and the Canadian Flag outside the Hyatt
4. Sun through trees and buildings, Dunsmuir and Burrard
5. The metropolitan, love this awning.

Though with downtown comes work.
Busy busy.

And that's ^ why I have't blogged in a week.

But with downtown and work comes lunches with my blogging friend Laura.
Sometimes we have to interrupt lunch for photos for our blogs, and we both understand that. 

And lunches outside in Robson Square, in the sun, with random giant bean bag chairs, is pretty good.

And being back at work means...


I love clothes. And guess what? After this "series" I'm going to be starting my own pinterest challenge - clothing ideas accepted!

But in the meantime, back to todays blog. Next up in Vancouver is family. They are wonderful. Between the Mitchell's and the Morgan's, I have a pretty great family. 

We started off the time back with a family birthday for Andrew with the Morgan's...

There was food.

And lots of conversation.

Two weeks later we found ourselves back the Friesen's house for another dinner, this time to celebrate Levi's baptism. Family galore!

And we've seen family from the Mitchell side. On top of a few hang outs at Auntie Debbie's and Uncle Greg's, we've also had brunch several times at the Maxwell's.

My sister's family has two homestay students, the one above is Xin. They are both so sweet. 

We've also hung out with the MItchell kids a bit since Auntie Debbie and Uncle Greg are in China currently, so I've made dinner once already, and again on Monday, to take over to feed all 9 of those remaining in the house. 

Plus I got to take Jessica out for lunch at Cafe Crepe - it was wonderful.
Great food, great conversation and beautiful sunny day.

And that, is Life in Vancouver Part One!

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