Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 21: High River, AB to Camrose, AB

Day 21, Saturday: High River, AB to Camrose, AB
KM start: 164,242 Km
Trip Meter: 7,174 km
Time Driven: 1:30pm - 5:30pm

We got up at a reasonable hour and all enjoyed a big breakfast together - I think there were 11 of us around the tables and it was awesome. 

Then we headed into High River or Hudson, as Heartland would have us believe. I was excited to see Maggie's Cafe and to spend some time with Kari and Kaela.

Tada's....Maggie's Cafe!

The men showing off their rear ends for some strange reason.

Kari and I enjoying the set from Heartland.

Inside the cafe (sorry about the glare)

Then we headed next door to an antique store - we headed up a back staircase and found the coolest part of the store. 

My mom has this same picture at home in needlepoint.

This store was an old courthouse so these are the cells.

Paul enjoyed the offerings as well.

Kaela and I found hats.

Downstairs was also filled with neat items.

I LOVE this little car.

Then we drove past a wall commemorating chuck wagon racing families in the area.

And then there was a motel that was used in Heartland, the episode where Tim and Jack chased down the guy who stole Spartan and got into a fight with him. 

And then the Siewerts took us to a must-visit spot - the Hitchin Post. 
Apparently we "had" to try their milkshakes - they were wonderful. 

And shortly after that we had to hit the road again.
We caught a last photo opportunity with the family.

Luke struggled to focus.

But he managed to figure it out eventually.

Then we left our dear friends and headed out to Camrose, 4 hours away, to see our other lovely friend, Jodi, who we hadn't seen in 3 months also. 

We got to her house and visited with her family and her adorable nephew - it was so great to see where she grew up and get to know her family. See her in "her place". Plus it was great to see her after 3 months! I love Jodi so it was a real treat to be reunited, especially knowing that she was moving back to Vancouver just a few short weeks later. And that we'd get to spend the next week together at Campus Harvest with our other great friends Stefany and Lyndsay. 

And classic homeschooler albertan, there was a deer in the front yard.

Jodi's family cooked up a great dinner

Jodi and her parents in the kitchen.

And what is dinner with Jodi without a Jodi made dessert? So great.

We stayed up late talking and laughing and getting to know her family more - bonding over joint childhood memories stemming from the christian programming (movies, tv shows and radio programs) that we'd all grown up with.
It was lovely. 

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