Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 1)

--- 1 ---
This is my first quick takes - I've been reading them at Conversion Diary for a while and then a couple weeks ago my cousin LeAnna did one for the first time, and then I thought, hey I can do that too. 
Plus when it comes to blogging I always copy LeAnna - she got me started on this whole thing.

--- 2 ---
Yesterday I drove a Mercedes. Someone came for a business meeting in my office - a guy who was rarely down town. He didn't realize that the parking in front of our office was closed between 3 and 6 and that it was a tow away zone. He asked for my help in paying for parking, I helped him figure out that it was illegal for him to be parked there and then I moved his car for him to more legal parking. This all happened while he was in a meeting and we traded notes back and forth. Like teenagers. Except one of those teenagers makes more money than I can imagine :)

--- 3 ---
This weekend I am throwing a shower with my friend Irene - it's for our lovely friend Ana. It's a sit down party - we are having a Tex-Mex theme. Pictures and recipes to come. It's going to be awesome. 
Speaking of which - 3 weddings and 5 showers are planned in the next month (including last weekend). That's nuts. Exciting though, for sure.

--- 4 ---
This weekend I FINALLY get to see my friend Crystal. It's been AGES. I'm in her wedding party in October and things are getting closer and closer and I miss seeing her!

--- 5 ---
Lately God has been reminding me of what a gift I have in the women who are close to me. I mean, I am super super blessed. Not only do I have an amazing sister and a bunch of "moms" but I'm also surrounded by some phenomenal women at church and in life. I am so so blessed.

--- 6 ---
I am reading a really great book - "Home Front" by Kristin Hannah. Kristin is a phenomenal author - most of her books have the power to make me cry and this is no exception. She has an ability to write heartbreak and hope together, and inform the reader of different types of people, while drawing you into a story. It's beautiful.

--- 7 ---
Tonight I am having an "at home" date with Paul. I've bought some boursin and brie as an appie and I've thrown "Ranch House Crock Pot Pork Chops" into the crockpot

We will bring my laptop into our room, find a video on netflix and curl up on the bed, eat popcorn and watch a movie. And it will be lovely. I'm quite looking forward to it.

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The Porters' Lodge said...

So many Quick Takes posts to read today. It's glorious!


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