Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick Takes Friday (Vol 4)

--- 1 --- 
Crate & Barrel opened in Vancouver.
Oh my. This could prove to be dangerous

I wish I could buy this for Paul - retails in the store at $1700 definitely not going to happen.
But they have plenty of other semi affordable things...
Like these and these gorgeous ceramic berry colanders

And the cutest egg platter

And warm dining rooms
I'm in love with C&B.

--- 2 --- 

Another wedding this weekend! Paul's step brother Tyler is getting married to a wonderful woman named Sara. I can't wait to be a part of the celebration of their marriage and love. Sara is a joy to have added to the family and I look forward to many years of family gatherings and some day doing so with kids as well!

--- 3 --- 

Last night I was rebellious AGAIN - that's two nights in a row I said, "screw you meal plan. I'm picking something different." Wednesday night I'd planned to make Skinny Thai chicken and noodles but didn't feel like following a recipe. 

I pulled together balsamic roasted asparagus, man pleasing chicken, roasted veggies and pommes ana. It was a hit. 

I went much less fancy last night and made roasted veggies and perogies. Mmmm.

--- 4 --- 

It's been sunny still around these parts and man, I continue to be a much happier version of myself. It is amazing what a little sun can do. 

I'm hoping the sun remains as Paul and I have an outdoor date planned this evening. I'm riding my bike over to the edge of Stanley Park. He'll meet me there with his rental bike and we'll bike around stanley park and english bay and then head over to grab some street meat or shawarma. It'll be a great date even if it's cloudy but oh man, sun and some warmth would help. 

--- 5 --- 

Tomorrow before the wedding I will be spending some time on my command center. Paul laughs when I call it that but that's what all the mom bloggers call them. It's a spot to command your world - you put all your papers and stuff there. It's like your office. I use a large cabinet that I bought from a friend. Right now it's hella messy and in need of an overhaul. Here are some of my inspirations:

Source: Tara on Pinterest

--- 6 --- 

7 Quick takes are harder than I thought. 5 maybe? 7 is a lot :)
Oh I thought of one! I finally got to sit down and watch the newest Justin Timberlake on SNL. Oh my goodness. So much fun. I laughed through almost all of it. JT - you rock. 

--- 7 --- 

And lastly today I had lunch with my friend Lindsay. She is so much fun! She came downtown to meet me (thanks girl!) looking fabulous in a snow leopard print cardigan and electric blue pants. Sounds confusing? It looked awesome. Not only did she rock the outfit but she was kind and supportive and funny and a great lunch date. That's all kinds of awesome. 

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