Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol 3)

--- 1 ---
Today has started out excellently with an early morning date. Paul has a pro day before Spring Break and wanted to head into work to get ahead on marking. He was going to take the car and so he suggested that he drive me in and we stop for breaky. It was lovely. We went to the Timmies and McDonalds at Georgia and Burrard because I love Timmies Tea (and it's Roll up the Rim season) but prefer McDonalds breakfast sandwiches. It was perfect. It was such a nice start to the day - seemed more like an adventure than a commute. I'm thankful for such a fun husband and such simple pleasures.
--- 2 ---
Since it's Ana's wedding week that means it was stagette time! We had dinner at "The French Table" and desserts at "Sweet Revenge". We laughed and talked and got to know a whole group of women and got to honor our dear friend Ana. It was a wonderful evening. Also Bouillabaisse is wonderful.

Ana and I

--- 3 ---
This past Sunday we got to celebrate Sunshine and Gabe's upcoming wedding with a shower for Sunny. Maan and Sheila did a phenomenal job capturing the joy that is Sunshine and her love of purple, as well as the classyness that is a shower. It was perfect. And it was a great time of talking to wonderful ladies and showering Sunny with love and gifts.

Irene looking gorgeous and grabbing a drink - all at once!

Jenna, Adina, Rebeccah and Debbie chatting

The spread!

Oh those strawberries were good

Love love love the Popsicle idea.
I definitely had a few

And games!
Bridal dress with newspaper

More games!

Arlene, Jenna and I

Michelle, Stefany and Helen

Nargiza, Jenny & Sunny

Julie, Mila and Irene.

Seriously, what a great group of women. 
I am so blessed to call these women friends.
--- 4 ---
This weekend is Ana's. Ana is a planner, a dreamer of designs and a designer as a job. I am so stoked to see how all her dreams and plans come together. She is the most organized bride I have ever worked with and when I saw a preview of some of her wedding things (previews, etc). I squealed. I am in love with her wedding and I seriously can not wait to experience it all. Also we're having Memphis Blues BBQ at the wedding - to honor her Texan background and I am STOKED. Though Paul is even more stoked than I am!
--- 5 ---
Tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner for the wedding and I'm the event coordinator. That means for tonight and tomorrow I'm the boss. Yes, power! Jk. But seriously...I do like having power and I'm great at being bossy. 
Honestly though, the event coordinator is a very important position at a wedding. This roll allows the bride to stop being the point person. It means that one person can have all the information and solve any problems that come up. I love doing it because I love knowing that my friends in the wedding party and the Bride and Groom get to sit back and actually enjoy their wedding. 
And I have a handsome sidekick. He executes orders for me, and makes sure the Groom has a beer at all times. Paul is a great assistant when I have to go into boss mode. Besides, he's huge. People HAVE to listen to me.
--- 6 ---
I love when people come to stay with us. It makes me so happy. This weekend we have Rachelle and her husband Adam coming to stay with us. We won't get to see much of them since we're so busy but I'm happy to see them briefly and know we gave them a safe, warm cozy place to stay. Rachelle and I shouldn't really be friends, we just met briefly and then she moved away. But whether we meet in Calgary, Oregon or Vancouver we have had wonderful times chatting and getting to know each other. She is one of those people that I just connected with instantly.
Plus she is gorgeous - she has a gift with hair and makeup and fashion that really is special.
--- 7 ---
Today for lunch I am eating half a chicken salad sandwich on cheese bread with veggies and hummus. To say I am excited is an understatement. I am EXCITED. Clearly my levels for excitement are low or I am just easily pleased...or both. 
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