Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Before I tackle the task of writing about Ana and Josh's wedding (a task that I wish to give time to honor well) I have some thoughts bouncing around in my head that need letting out first...

Thought 1:
It has been nice and bright and sunny lately. Except when it rains. But whatever. Yesterday I got home at 5:15. Paul opened all the blinds when we first got home, so it was nice and bright. I cooked dinner with it being bright. We ate dinner at 6:30 and it was still bright. It wasn't until 7 and I was heading to Superstore that it started to dim and even leaving Superstore at 8 was still not pitch black. It was lovely. I was amazed by how much more I enjoyed cooking when it was bright. I enjoyed eating in the bright. I felt happier and lighter and oh-my-goodness how can a bit of light make such a difference? It really does. 

Thought 2:
Sunday I was pretty tired after a late wedding night. I had a shower that morning and needed to wrap the gift I'd bought, find and write in a card and make two items for the shower....and still had church, company for dinner and a family gathering ahead of me. I thought the party was at 11 at Leah's. I planned to be there early. Then it became apparent as I tried to complete everything that I would not be early and would not even be on time. And then, as I pulled up to Leah's I realized that the party wasn't at Leah's. I checked Facebook and actually the party was 10:30 at the Mitchell's. So now I am double extra late and at the wrong place. Awesome. I felt flustered. 

I pulled up at the Mitchell's 10 minutes later with my bag full of food and drinks and my big bulky gift and walked into a party almost an hour late feeling kind of embarrassed, really awkward and super insecure. I'd been too busy lately to spend time with God, which is where my security comes from - well not actually too busy but neglecting to prioritize His truth about me and had been tending to feel more insecure lately already and this was the perfect storm. Plus I'd forgotten to do anything to my hair. To say insecure and awkward was how I felt would be almost an understatement. 

And then I got into the party. The first three people I ran into welcomed me cheerily and announced that they too had gone to the wrong location. I got a high five. 

After I put my gift down I went to put my food together and ran into another 3 ladies (including my sister) at the Kitchen Island. They all said very warm, sincere hello's to me. Lyndsay came around the island to hug me because she said she really missed seeing me and liked me. Jenna said she was glad I was there and was only sorry I was late because parties are better with me. And Morgan and I got to chat while I put food together and she and I chatted and I felt warm and loved. 

I don't feel capable of expressing how truly blessed I felt in that moment. And not just to have found good friends, as if I did something to get them. No, blessed that the God of the universe would give me such wonderful women in my life to call friends. That God knows my heart and wants to fulfill my childhood desires to have friends and be loved. He shows me his love to me through my friends. In that moment I knew God was telling me that He loved me. 

As the party continued I still felt tired and flustered but I chose to receive from God the blessing of community and of being loved. Woman after woman at that party made me feel wanted and chosen and loved...and it wasn't even a shower for me!

The lovely bride-to-be, Sarah Gotell

Sheila, Sarah & Jenna

Me and Sarah

Sarah and Jenna

It was a lovely shower. Leah, Corrie and Jenna did a wonderful job hosting and Debbie was so generous to open up their home. The games were fun and informative (since most haven't spent a lot of time with Sarah's finance since they live in Nelson) and the gifts were perfect for Sarah. It was a great time. 

So the bride felt loved and so did I - double win, right?

Thought 3:
This week is Paul's Spring Break. 
And he is amazing. 
Between yesterday and today he has gotten our cracked windshield fixed, put in 4 lights, installed dimmers and switched and door stops, added grips to our outdoor stairs, put up a jewellery system for me, unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it and then unloaded it again AND found a basket for cutlery since ours didn't come with one. 
He also made time each day to spend time with guys and build into his relationships. 
Both of these types of tasks love me so well. A man who gets guy time is generally a much happier man! Especially when they talk about things. A man who does things around the house is a super awesome man and I am thankful. 

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