Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ana's Bridal Shower

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a party to shower my friend Ana with love. Ana is awesome. She has been my friend for at least 6 years now, and I love her. She is engaged to our stationary rep at work, a great guy named Josh. They are sweet together and it's been fun walking through this engagement and wedding planning time with them. I'm their event coordinator so I get to add to their to do list and boss people around - perfect.

Irene and I were hosting together - it was a sit down Tex-Mex dinner for 16 people. We were celebrating our lovely friend Ana. She is from Texas and is also Mexican, so the theme was very intentional. We also featured some graphic designs we made around the house, since she's a graphic designer. It was so much fun to do! Irene and I went all out. 

Tara, Ana and Irene

It's blurry but here's what you'd see when you came in...welcome wreath

Cowgirl Cookies as favors for the trail

The Chips and Salsa, and encouragement station. 

Drinks - this later had the margaritas and sweet tea.

Some of the graphics we had printed out and framed and hung around the house

Tablescape - guacamole and salsa martini's


A perfect snapshot of the evening.

Desserts! Red, white and blue!

The lovely bride-to-be!

We LOVED our menu and our decorations - we kept high fiving as we saw our planning come to life. It was a perfect party - planning wise. Also everyone mingled and chatted and Ana felt loved, which really made it a perfect party

Less than two weeks to the wedding!

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The Porters' Lodge said...

It looks so much like the perfect party that I wish I'd been there, even tho I don't know the people! Good job!


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