Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekend Flyby's

I can't believe it's Wednesday already - and on top of that the weekend flew by!

Paul and I had planned a weekend (along with Carole and Ereka) conference called the Gospel Weekend based out of some of what we learned this summer at the School of Ministry in Nashville. The turn out was smaller than hoped but we learned a lot, we were obedient and we both had a chance to practice speaking!

Plus it was a great excuse to hang out with some rad people. 

Sheila, Jenna and Ereka

Sheila and I

Ereka and I

 Me and Carole

Rainbow, Arlene, Patricia and me

Jeff and Vic

Then Sunday I did things around the house and then headed out to Langley for a bridal Shower. Sara is marrying Paul's step-brother Tyler. She'll be my new step-sister-in-law. It was a great shower and it was nice to see how loved she is! Can't wait for their wedding next month.

Random Tidbits:
Thursday night we had friends over and played Settlers - oh I like that game. 
And I finally won!

Apparently we store crack in our house.
Who knew.
At least it will remain fresh in my Tupperware!

I bought a noteboot and then using Washi Tape made it awesome.

I've also re-fallen in love with my black boots.
Especially worn with leggings.
We're in love, my boots and me.


Here's the note Paul left in the car for me a while back. It makes me smile.

Also that heart looks like a bum. 
When I first read it I read, "I bum you very much"

Bike riding has been wet.
Food has been warm.
I have been tired.
That is all.

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