Monday, March 18, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - March 18th, 2013

Monday: Dry Ribs, leftover pasta, roasted veggies
Tonight Paul is having a guy friend over - Nick. Nick will be joining us for dinner and then the two guys will go play some sort of long drawn out board game. I won't lie, I'm very glad I'm not invited.
I will be doing laundry and food prep for the week. But since I don't have any real plans I could take the time to make a nice dinner....and I've been craving dry ribs.

Tuesday: Rice, Broccoli & Turkey Casserole
This Casserole is Paul's favorite and I love him, so I'm making it for LG. Enough for 20! Plus it's super easy to make.

This is a new recipe that I haven't tried yet and I hope it goes well. Jodi and her brother Joel are coming over for dinner so they seemed like good people to try it out on.

Thursday: Grilled Cheese and Salad
Easy comfort food so I can make it to Jenna's in time to tuck my nephews in

Paul and I are having a date so I'm leaving something in the Crockpot for our students

Saturday: Wedding
Paul's step brother Tyler is getting married to a wonderful girl named Sara. Saturday we will be celebrating them!

Crockpot meals make Sundays go smoothly! Especially with afternoon church. 

This was a big weekend with the first of the weddings happening - it was a great time and I'll have details and pictures to come!

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