Friday, June 28, 2013

Wedding Shenanigans

Between being sick, getting ready to go away, driving 8 hours yesterday and attending a stagette last night I've been a bit MIA lately - but no fear, real life is very exciting and my body is slowly healing. Praise the Lord. 

Last week was a blur of catching up around the house after being sick and tidying to be ready for a weekend away. We had lifegroup and a going away party for Jodi and a couple nights at home - working and resting and eating and it was lovely. Wednesday night we had a burst of crazy energy and Paul did some crazy work in the garage and I did a bunch in the craft room and in the kitchen and we felt so productive. We were up until midnight being awesome and productive. 

Thursday morning I was up bright and early to join Jenna and Corrie on a trip to Nelson for wedding craziness with our friend Sarah Gotell. The drive was a non stop party of great conversation. So thankful for great friends. Thursday night was dresses, dinner, drinks and games - so so fun. 

Today we set up the hall and church, do a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and then tomorrow it's wedding and reception! Paul and I are in charge of the bar so we'll be working up a storm (and flirting up a storm with each other - we love bartending together). Sunday we'll go to church here and then drive to Kelowna to visit our step-sister Laura and hopefully her new baby and then Monday we'll head back the rest of the way home and hopefully get home in time to rest for the afternoon and get ready for the week. Phew!

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