Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Finding the lost ones

"A Missing Persons Report Turns Into a "Found Right Here" Report on Camera"
It's a bit slow, but it's worth watching.

This video almost made me cry. Often as I ride my bike each day near my parents I think, if my mom (who has early on-set Alzheimers) ever goes missing I hope it's when I ride my bike past and I find her. I often pray that if my mom ever leaves the house without my Dad that someone kind would find her and help her. This video moved me because these people were so kind to the lost man. It reminds me to pray for my mom more - to pray for specifics - that if she is lost, she will be found. It's so easy to lose sight of her for a moment in a crowd. Oh God, that you would keep her safe. 

It makes me think too of God, and how when I was lost He found me. Before I found God I was basically just wondering around, distant from my family and not knowing who I was. He sent His son first as the answer, and in my lifetime sent people who were loving and kind, to guide me towards Him. I am able to be eternally thankful because of this love. Thank you God for rescuing me from my sin, and sadness and loneliness. I am so thankful to be where I am now, surrounded by loved ones, knowing who I am. 

It was a busy weekend away - my dear friend was getting married (it was beautiful) - I was glad to be able to help and spend time with her and her loved ones preparing for the big day. We got back late Monday, and now this week is spent back at work and preparing for the Women's Retreat I'm helping plan for Friday. Busy busy busy...and yet God still speaks to my heart in the midst of it. I am thankful for a God that speaks to me in ways I can hear and receive. I try to carve out time for him, but even when that doesn't happen, He meets me. 

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