Monday, June 10, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Monday:  Spaghetti w. roasted Zucchini
Paul and I are out for dinner, so I threw together something easy on Sunday for our students to eat Monday. 

This meal has been such a hit at home I knew I wanted to make it for LG. It's light and tasty and pretty easy. 

Wednesday: BBQ'd Pork Steaks, veg & potatoes
We just got a new (to us) BBQ and I just found a stack of Pork steaks in the freezer. Meant to be! I will marinade them in something tasty Tuesday night, and will only need to slice up and season the veg and potatoes for dinner. Paul will man the BBQ. Wednesday is a night off for me, and I intend to enjoy it as such. 

This recipe is called easy, which is good since I need something quick and easy. I'll be heading over to Jenna's to celebrate Fathers Day with my Dad and mom. We're doing an after dinner thing since we both have students to be home with

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: YOYO (You're On Your Own)
Paul, myself and one of our students (Ana) are away camping. The other two will be home but are both usually out on the weekends anyways. Normally I'd give you a rundown of my camping meal (because I LOVE camping food) but I'm going with a group and someone else is in charge of food (surprise!). 

This past weekend was the ENV Women's Retreat that I was a part of planning and leading. It was an exhausting, exciting and challenging time. I had so much fun leading the weekend and even more fun hanging out with all 40 of these awesome ladies. I can not get over how rad they are all and how lucky I am to know them. God is certainly good. 

The retreat was at the Inn at the Quay in New Westminster. Great location. I didn't grab a lot of photos, since I was doing admin and leading and speaking for one of the sessions! But here are a few snap shots of the weekend.

The Hotel room, filled with ladies I love
[Jessica, Lyndsay, Arlene and Lindsay]

Hot tub with friends
[Me & Jessica, Arlene and I, with Ereka]

Views from the hotel room - I got to share with Lyndsay!

The view from the room we were in for the conference
[Top: Corrie M speaking on beauty]
[Top: The view behind her]

I enjoyed dinner Friday and lunch Saturday at the Boathouse.
[My coconut shrimp lunch that I enjoyed with the lovely Helen P]

Little Decor moments from our dinner feast Saturday
[Centerpieces and signs]

I even found something Paul would like.
[@ Lofty Living in New West]

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