Friday, June 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 7)

--- 1 --- 

 I consider any day that I get to see my nephews a good day. 
I got to hang out with them at church recently and then go to a party afterwards with them as well. They made me smile.

[playing under the pews at church]

[Connor "helping" Jonathan play the drums]

Anytime I get to see my parents is a good time too. Last night Jenna and I took my parents out to celebrate Father's Day. Instead of going out for dessert after dinner, we went out for appies - classic Jory style. We had a nice walk and great conversation. I am so thankful for my parents. 

Also, my good friend Lyndsay is starting a new job today (way to go, love!) and we went out to celebrate her with music bingo, wings and beer at the East Side Kraft House (formerly, the E Walk). What a great time.

--- 2 --- 

We have been blessed with great students. We have had Rachel (female, 20, Canadian) living with us since January and she is a delight! Duncan (male, 28, Canadian) has been living with us since February, and he is such a great addition to the house - funny and helpful. Last month we had Ana (female, 24, Brazillian) who is a great sport as she learns English with us and is always up for anything - we're taking her camping this weekend! We also have had a variety of different students from Japan, Korea and China. Our most recent student was Water from China. She was a lot of fun. 
[me, Water and Ana)

I have a board that I fill out each month and each week. I put where Paul and I will be and when so that our students know what to expect of us. It also holds our weekly menu and gives a spot for people to fill in if they will be in or out, so I know how many to cook for and how many to have people set the table for. So handy!
[May's Calendar]

--- 3 --- 
I got a new iPad and I LOVE it. It is one of my favorite things. I went with the mini and I am so glad I did. I recently had to do something with my coworkes regular iPad and it felt so large and bulky. The mini wins me over every time. It's compact (fits in my purse), leightweight (don't even notice it's there) and functional. I can write blogs, read blogs, read books on my kindle app, peruse facebook, watch tv shows that I miss the different tv station apps and more. So happy for this gift - great way to celebrate being 30! 

Thanks to my family for this awesome gift! 
Auntie Lesley, Katie, Nancy & Cris, David & Carol and my parents all chipped in to make this a reality. So thankful!

I found the keyboard online and it makes such a difference. It cost me $30 dollars and makes using pages, notes, email and blogger so much easier. Just sync to bluetooth and type away!

--- 4 --- 
I bike to and from work each day. I love it. Recently it was bike to work week and I stopped at one of the commuter stations to grab some coffee and have my tires and brakes checked. I always feel like a bit of a phony when it comes to the cycling world, so it was an act of courage to stop and engage.

--- 5 --- 
This next Quick Take was copied over from April 12th, and again May 24th. 

"Last week I cleaned my room - put away all my clothes - finished organizing my bathroom. It has been one week of me PUTTING MY CLOTHES AWAY right away. This is a miracle. I'm praying it continues. What a lovely feeling it is. The next big project will be our bedroom. Because as I've mentioned before a pretty space helps motivate me to stay tidy. So if our room is beautiful, I'll try to keep it that way."

Well I am happy to report that it is over 20 days since that last post and my room is still clean! And when I came home from a trip away I unpacked right away. And when I did laundry I unpacked right away! I fear a crash of messy is coming, but I am doing everything I can in my power to hold on for cleanliness.
--- 6 --- 
Rhubarb. Oh rhubarb. You tangy tangy fruit. Growing up we would get little bowls with sugar, a peeled rhubarb stick, and go to town. It was my favorite treat. I tried this again recently, and introduced the rest of the house to it. 

--- 7 --- 
And lastly a peak into my closet. Here's how it's finally starting to stay organized.  I love the freedom to have some things hung up, some things folded in baskets, some things thrown in baskets and some things on hanging shelves. Plus the tank top and belt hooks are a lifesaver!

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The Porters' Lodge said...

try introducing your rhubarb eating habit to John and see if he'll bite. He thinks the stuff is little better than a weed.


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