Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Outfits - or thanks to Forever 21

Sometimes I get my outfit inspiration from Pinterest. Sometimes it comes from new clothes. That is currently the outfit train I am riding. I have a bunch of new blouses and a new blazer. This has given me tons to work with. 

I LOVE this shirt from F21 - it helped me step out into the neon blouse arena, without going full on neon blouse. I love that it has gold accents and I pair it with a double wrapped gold leaf necklace to draw that out. I love wearing it with my new Sakura/Mantique Blazer ($50). I still can't decide if I like it tucked in or not yet. Thoughts?

When I saw this top at F21 I was hooked.
Polka Dots and Chambray? Yes please

I wore this for a casual day trip over to the island. The striped shirt is a tshirt (with chambray pocket) from F21. Topped with a necklace and my comfy new blazer, it was an easy outfit to wear away for the day, while letting me feel pulled together.
The shoes were on clearance at Target for $12. Love them.

And here are a whole bunch more outfits.

1. Black blouse from my closet and grey legging slacks from RW&Co.
2. Striped T from F21 paired with Chambray shirt, black skinnies and pink belt all from ON
3. Window Paint print shirt from F21
4. Printed Tunic from ON. I got a similar one in turquoise as well
5. Colorblocked Blouse from F21

These are easy go to outfits. Especially the two F21 blouses (3 & 5). I love clothes that are easy to feel good in and easy to wear. 

Thus conclused a blog post that Paul will think is silly, and I will find thoroughly enjoyable to reread later.

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