Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rivisto Wedding Extravaganza

What a crazy and fun weekend I just came home from. Wow. And really I came home on Sunday but didn't finish unpacking the car and putting away groceries until almost 11pm, and then work each day and meetings most evenings has meant I'm only just sitting down to write about it all. 

The weekend started nice and early on Wednesday! I took Thursday and Friday off to be down in Washington helping with wedding prep, and Wednesday night a group of the girls and the Bride came up for a Stagette in Vancouver - we ate out at Tropika restuarant downtown vancouver. I went nice and early to set up with some cards to write memories and advice on, and some wooden chalkboard tags for seating and a pink flamingo for the Bride's chair. I didn't want to make her look too silly but since this was her Canadian Stagette (she's dual citizen and lives in Seattle now) I got her two maple leaf bling necklaces from the dollar store. They were balling. 

After dinner the ladies came back to my house for dessert (gluten free since we love our non-gluten-eating bride) and gift opening. We also made sure to shower Rebekah with words of love and affection. I believe a wedding is a wonderful time for a bride to know what her friends like about her and how they see her. I think one of the best gifts we give as friends is to send a woman into marriage knowing she is loved and supported as she goes. It was a wonderful night. 

Thursday morning I got to sleep in (!!). I ran a few errands, tidied the house, packed my bags and drove out to Tsawwassen to meet up with the bride and some of the bridesmaids. We ate brunch together and then packed up the two cars for the trip across the border. The sun was shining, our time was free and there was lots of great conversation. It was a good start to the trip! We made the VERY short trip over to Birch Bay, WA and were very impressed by the area. 

The sun was shining. 
The beach was gorgeous.
And it was Thursday mid day and I wasn't at work!!

We spent Thursday evening and all day Friday having fun, goofing around and working super super hard. We were doing a lot of food prep and wedding prep. We ate well, we had a few beers and we worked our fingers to the bone. 

We headed to the Peach Arch Park (where the wedding would be taking place the next day) which is a neutral ground between Canada and America. Melissa and Paul joined us there from Canada. The grounds were gorgeous. The rehearsal went smoothly and the dinner was Ukrainian perogies and sausage and I was in HEAVEN. 

We headed back to the Condo's around 10 to finish off making the bouquets. I was in charge, and man, I LOVE making bouquets. They turned out gorgeously. Rebekah made great flower selections. 

Then it was definitely time for bed since we had an early morning hair and make up call ahead. We all woke up bright and early, with the make up artists and hair dresser in house. We had fun being pampered and watching Rebekah evolve from a pretty woman to a stunning bride. 

[makeup. veil. sisters]
Can you see Paul in the background of that first shot? He's helping steam a veil. Super anti-Paul behavior

Then it was off to the park for the wedding! 
The outdoor wedding overlooked the ocean and the weather held out. It was perfect. The groomsmen looked sharp, the bridesmaids were sunny and pretty and the bride was stunning. The ceremony was reflective of the couple: fun, holy and very full of glory to God. 

[photo by Bella Photography]

[photo by Bella Photography]

[photo by Bella Photography]

[Chalkboard art by April Cody, Anthony's mom]

These ladies were all pretty awesome.
What a joy to stand with them to support and celebrate Rebekah and Anthony

How pumped are we that Rebekah and Anthony are also American and Canadian bridges like us?

Congratulations, Rebekah and Anthony.
Team Morgan is super pumped for you guys.
We can not wait to see what the future brings.

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