Monday, July 1, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Country Celebration Week

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Monday Canada Day: BBQ'd veggies & sausage, Pan fried Potatoes.
We arrived home at 3pm from our weekend away - we grabbed some groceries and unpacked - it was BOILING hot at home, so we knew dinner had to be cooked outside. Thankfully Paul managed to get the grill working again (yay for a working BBQ) and we had  grilled veggies (Mushroom skewers and Zucchini strips), sausages and potatoes pan fried on the side burner. As I write this our house is still too hot, so I'm outside on the back porch. 

Tuesday: Salad with chicken
I have a meeting at home at 7:30 and need to buy groceries on my way home from work (that happens after a weekend away). So I'll be buying my usual stuff for salads for lunches and can easily whip together a salad, and will buy a roasted chicken at Costco for $7.99 and pull that apart and add to the salad. Easy - keeps us cook with the oven off!

I am getting ready to leave town Thursday morning for the weekend for a wedding, so Wednesday night will be food prep and packing. I needed an easy dinner, and something crock pot seemed important. 

Thursday July 4th BBQ Party: American BBQ
We're inviting a bunch of people over for a American BBQ - I'm making 
Veggie Skewers - mixed: Zucchini, mushrooms, peppers & onions
Desserts - Brownies (with patriotic toppings) and icecream
Drinks - Blueberry Pomegranate Mojitos (using blueberry pomegranate juice instead of just pomegranate juice to turn the drinks blue, rather than pink) - we'll make this with alcohol and without. Assortment of beer and wine, coffee and tea. 

Easy and summery for a sunny night at home, especially since Saturday will be an early morning driving time!

Saturday: YOYO (You're On Your Own) 
I'm taking two of our students to Seattle for the day - so we'll be gone all day so we can squeeze all we can from the day! A Canadian, a Brazilian  and  Quebecor head to the states for a day, somehow it sounds like the start to a joke.

Sunday: BBQ Wings, grilled vegetables and pasta salad
Sunday will be a relaxed day at home, including church and dinner on the patio afterwards. 

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