Thursday, November 15, 2012

Weekend Catch up

Somehow this past week had felt long. 
I try to stay away from Energy Drinks but week's like last week sometimes just need them. 
Especially on a busy Friday at work.

Thankfully though the work week eventually finished and I headed home to get ready to have my nephews over for the night. We cuddled and played with them and it was lovely. After Austin went to bed Connor and I stayed up to make treats.

We were making Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles. This dough is made without eggs so it's entirely edible - which is key when baking with at toddler :)

I'll share more on these tomorrow with recipe included but for now I'll say they were a huge hit.

After that I got to tuck Connor into bed, pray with him and cuddle while he rambled on for a while. It is one of my favorite moments in the sleepover. He says the FUNNIEST things when he's supposed to be sleeping.

And then the house was quiet. Gabe and Sunshine were coming over to babysit for a couple of hours so Paul and I could head out to our friend Devin's surprise 40th Birthday Party. The party was being held in the Shebeen (Whiskey Room) of the Irish Heather. I love the Irish Heather because they serve Snakebites - Cider & Lager mixed. Mmm. 

There were great friends to chat with. Many man with moustaches since it is after all Movember.

Stef and I amanged to match again! 
Brown boots, skinny jeans, ruffled blouse and grey jacket/cardigan. Weird!

It was fun to celebrate Devin, he's great.

Lydia (Devin's wife, who is awesome) and I.

Leah, Morgan and I.
I heart this picture.
The glow from the flash, the smiles. 
Plus we all look good.

I realized that I have been friends with these ladies for a while now.
I met Morgan in the fall of 2005 (though we weren't friends yet at that stage) and I met Leah January of 2006. I searched through FB to find photos of us from the year after I met them and voila! Boy have we changed!

Somehow we managed in the exact same order for a shot as we did 4 years ago at Nate and Leah's Going Away Party - and joy, they're now back!

It was a great night. Conversation, Snakebites and lots of laughs.

I came home to this.
Melt. my. heart.

I was pretty restless all night worrying about not hearing Austin wake up in the morning and being very aware of not wanting to wake Connor up while he slept. So I was pretty tired when I woke up, but it was so worth getting to have a sleepover with them!

We got up and played around the house - we finished up the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough truffles and wrestled for a bit. And then we headed off on an adventure to Jodi's bakery, the Last Crumb. It was a beautiful fall day and as we walked we passed the Winter Farmers Market where the Hipsters were out in full swing. Plaid w. boots, thick glasses and bicycles with baskets abounded.

Jenna met up with us at the Last Crumb. I hadn't had a chance to see where Jodi was working yet, and let me tell you, it's adorable. No wonder she's so proud of it!

The layout is great too, with an upstairs with seats and space. How great when you have small children with you! Because man, Austin and Connor needed to run around. 

Then it was time to head home....I'll admit that Jenna dropped me off at 12:30pm and I was so tired from the late night, early morning and childcare that I slept until 4:30!!! Crazy. Then I got up and had dinner. Awesome. 

Paul had been out hunting all day with his Dad, I got a call from him at 6:30 that I should head out to Surrey to hang out with some friends at his Parents house. His step-sister was in town with her husband and baby and a few of our friends were visiting. I haven't seen Cory and Laura in forever, and havent' spent much time with baby Salem, so it was a great new plan. 

We played Tri-Bond (Cory and I won), laughed a lot and then played Pictionary (Paul, Mike and I lost) with giant wild animal tokens.

See the animals in their natural habitat.

Speaking of natural habitat's, Sunday Paul and I went to the mall.
A place that is foreign to Paul, but very natural for me.
Paul liked my outfit so much he even agreed to take an outfit photo for me...and in public!

I far prefer when another human being can take my photo and I don't have to try to capture it in the mirror. 
Sunday we also viewed a house that we fell in love with, but alas is now going to be rented by the owners son. Sad for us!

Then it was off to church. Now in a recent post I mentioned how much I loved a certain dress and would be wearing it again to church on Sunday. Here is it:

And being true to my word, I did wear it. And boy did I get comments - numerous people came up to me and said they were wondering if I would be wearing the dress as mentioned, or they wondered why it looked familiar. I was entirely amused that anyone even paid attention! Also I had a few lovely philipina's ask if this was my own inspiration or a Pinterest inspiration, and I think it's safe to say it's half and half. Pinterest gave me the boldness to mix brown and grey, but I came up with this outfit all by myself.

After church Jodi came over for dinner - we made a casserole that I found on Pinterest (more on that tomorrow) and Paul made us watch some James Bond introductions to help teach Jodi about the franchise. Because it's vastly important that she know?

Then we headed over to the Mitchell's for a family dessert night. Auntie Sandy was in town with Uncle Jake, and that's always reason enough to get together. While we chatted in the Christmassy living room, Noah (13) grabbed Jonah (4) and put him in a duffle bag, much to Jonah's delight. He proceeded to carry him around the house while the bag giggled and giggled. At times shrieking with delight. It was fun to watch.

Then Noah and Jonathan decided it would be hilarious to have Jonah walk in the bag. So they got his feet out and off he went. Noah had to be near by at all times otherwise Jonah would have crashed into far too many walls!

Eventually we left around 11pm since Paul was asleep in the chair and I was feeling tired as well. Since it was the long weekend we got to sleep in and boy, I was thankful for that!

Monday was very restful. I joined Jenna, her boys and their homestay students for a trip to Micheals. It was a big adventure for their students and it was fun for us. 

Plus I got more Connor and Aunt time.

Then I headed home to prepare Cream of Pumpkin Soup (since I had an extra pumpkin) and some new Pinterest Bread. I'll give you the rundown of the bread tomorrow in my Pinterest Review Post. We were having the Chibota's over for dinner and as they are both from warmer climates (Irene - Texas & New Mexico, TC - Africa) and it was POURING outside, I wanted to make something warm and hearty and fall-like. Pumpkin Soup fits that bill every time. 

We had a great night with them, chatting, laughing, planning and generally solving all the worlds problem. The four of us make a rad team. 

And then it was to bed by 10pm as I had to be at work by 7am on Tuesday for a busy busy week (hence the lateness of this post). Thus ends the Saga of my November long weekend. 
Stay tuned for tomorrow - Pinterest Results!

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