Friday, November 16, 2012

Pinterest Results & Work week thoughts

This week I tried a few Pinterest meal ideas. Some where a success and some were lame. But in the case of the lame one, I'm gonig to go ahead and blame Thyme for that. 

So up first, Ham & Asparagus Casserole. 

Source: via Tara on Pinterest

I didn't take a picture of the finished result but it looked just like the photo, honestly. However....the taste. Turns out Thyme sucks. It made the whole casserole taste kind of dirty. 
I would make this casserole again but instead of adding time to the roux I would add some garlic and sauteed mushrooms. It needed more. And I think I would either dice the onions smaller or have them pureed in the sauce. Other than that though, it wasn't too bad. 

Two Ingredient Dough with Cheese & Ham/Bacon.

Here is my attempt: It definitely doesn't look as pretty. 

Looking at the inspiration picture I wonder if I was confused on how to bake them, however they tasted great and my guests (Katie and Joel for the first batch and TC and Irene for the second) seemed to enjoy them. Katie and Joel were raving. I would definitely make these again. And the first time I made them I couldn't use cheese because of Katie's dietary needs and they were still wonderful. I used shredded chicken, ham and bacon. WIN.

And lastly I made Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles:

They are amazing. I will make these over and over and over again. They are a bit tricky to dip and I'd recommend only taking half out of the freezer when you go to dip them, or stopping part way to refreeze because once they start to soften they fall apart as you dip. 

I used Almond Bark for my coating and MAN. So good. I have been wowing people with these all week - and it makes quite a few. These were a win for sure. 

Also, this made me laugh.

It has been back to work this week after the long weekend and back on my bike. It has been cold and crisp and dry. The views have been amazing. 

Snow on the mountains and fall on the streets.

Beautiful sunshine despite the cold.

And now on to outfits. 

Pinterest helped inspire two of my outfits

The first was made up of brown boot, jean, long gold necklace and jewel tone sweater.
I didn't have turquoise (side) but used purple and loved it. 

Second was jeans (I used black for work), maroon/red cardigan, beige and gold necklace with brown boots. 
I wouldn't have paired these together and I loved it. 

Lastly I wore this outfit to work on Thursday. While I came up with the outfit on my own I wouldn't have ever thought to pair a floral pattern or a pink with brown boots. Pinterest is also where I got the idea to help tie the boots in by wearing my gold necklace. Thanks Pinterest!

More than just Pinterest I get ideas from quite a few bloggers for food and fashion - but then I can just turn them into Pins and acredit them to Pinterest. But for a moment let me tell you some of my favorite blogs for fashion.

**With the disclaimer that I don't always like all the outfits I see in the blog world, I don't always get fashion...but often these wonderful bloggers help push me out of my comfort zone and I'm liking it!**

Abbie @ 5 Days 5 Ways
Aunie @ Aunie Sauce
Cassie @ Hi Sugarplum!
Kaylin @ Stay Blonde
Lilly @ Lilly's Style
Natalie @ Natalie Dressed did I ever get dressed before the internet?

And I'm telling you now, start preparing, because the moment we move it'll be DYI decor and organizing out the yingyang! You better believe I've been pinning and bookmarking away and will have so so so many ideas for our new space - whatever that will be!


Paraphrase said...

How did you find those cookie dough dips? Those are the EXACT ones I made and posted on my blog last year. I recognized the photo from the website!

The Porters' Lodge said...

My mum also hates thyme which I find hilarious because it's one of the main spices I use. It features in most of David's mum's recipes, so I'm not sure if it's a Jamaican thing or just that she really likes it. It's sage that I tend to dislike -- I always find it makes things taste musty. Funny how spices make different people react :)

Also that PhD thing is gold. Pure gold.


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