Monday, November 19, 2012

A show, a movie, some outfits and more food.

Despite working on Friday, I feel like the weekend began on Thursday. Paul and I were heading downtown with some friends to watch our other friend Sam Alviar play at the Roxy. Not only was Sam excellent, but it was a lot of fun to get to see him on stage, other than playing at church. 

Here's a little glimpse of what he sounds like:

I must say it again, every time I take the skytrain downtown with Paul to go see a show I feel like a giant fake - like I'm pretending to be this trendy urban person, but really I'm like crafting and cooking and watching movies at home in my PJ's. And of course whenever get home from night out, I'm immediately into pajama's and on the couch.

Paul took this blurry group shot.
I think he's under the mistaken belief that if he takes bad enough pictures I'll eventually stop asking him to take them. But I won't. He underestimates my want of pictures.

Anyways, I was sitting with Stef, Jodi, Marilyn and Anne.

And look, we could see Sam on stage!
And Jonathan in the background as well.
The cymbal nicely hides his terrible moustach for "movember"

Stefano and Paul found a less squishy place to sit by the bar.

Jodi and Stef were proud of Sam! 
Stef especially, as Sam is her boyfriend

We tried to get a shot but Dustin always does his model face.
It's not great.

Phew, finally!

Stef and I!

Me and Jodes!

And and here's this guy - this was the next band up.
He was dedicated to his craft.

Oh and there was the an episode on our walk home where an energy drink burst in my purse and the whole purse was full with it before I noticed. Ugh.

Then it was back to work for Friday. 
All week I had free lunch and breakfast because we had meetings in office Monday and there were leftovers. This was the last day of leftovers and man, it was still good. 
The Butler Did It Catering makes great food!

After lunch I was heading out to Starbucks to meet up with an old friend who I hadn't seen in years. As I headed to meet her I passed Miss Whistler and Miss was strange.

The coffee with my friend (Sheri) was great. I really enjoyed seeing her and catching up with her. After that it was a busy afternoon of work and then Paul and I headed off on a house viewing (it wasn't meant to be). 

I was a bit sad by the time I met up with Paul because we found out our dear homestay student Karen is moving out. She's been sick for a while  so will move in with family in the area. We understand that they can take care of her well, and take her to the chinese doctors she's used to. We'll miss her a lot but we want her to be healthy!

Thankfully my evening had some plans to help cheer me up. I was meeting up with my new friend Lindsay (who no longer feels like a new friend and who I must soon take a photo with) to go watch "Pitch Perfect". Well. Pitch Perfect. You are awesome. Chick Flick, meets Dance movie, meets spoof. LOVE IT. Plus Lindsay thought my laugh was funny, so that extra added to the amusement. Lindsay is a super easy, fun person to be with, so it was an excellent night. After the movie we went back to her house to drink tea and chat. When I left I felt so much better!

Saturday was a stormy morning, and I was up fairly early to head to prayer training so I can help be on the prayer team at the youth worship night, Chapel. Bernice from our teach was training us and it was really wonderful; and at the end she prophesied over us and did some impartation which was awesome. 

After the meeting I headed out grocery shopping - note to self; never go to the Willingdon Costco on a Saturday. NEVER. Busy. full. no parking. OH MY WORD. And I thought Richmond Costco was bad! Also, Walmart is not much better on a Saturday. 

However I stuck to my budget (well only $20 over) but managed to include a spontaneous belt and crock pot purchase in there, so that's a win. You'll see photos of the belt at the end of the post. I'm loving it. 

Also I needed a new crock pot because my current one doesn't have a timer, and I'm gone for work for 9 hours, so unless a recipe is that long (most are 4, 6 or 8) I'm kind screwed. I ended up finding one at Walmart for $40 and it had a timer! So when it's done it just switches to warm. WIN again!

Afterwards I met up with Paul for another house viewing - I'll give you more info on that tomorrow once we seal the deal because it looks like we've found our dream house to rent. But I don't want to get my hopes up and tell you about it until we've put down a deposit. 

Then it was time to head home. I texted my sister pictures of the house (she insists on following along on our viewing adventure and I love it) and got dinner ready. Then the Papali's came over for dinner. I made all comfort and pub like food, plus salad. 

The menu:
Wings (BBQ & Honey Garlic)
Potato "Chips" - homemade so not super chip like
Salad with Balsamic Dressing leftover from the Butlers catering at work
Crab Dip w. Pita Chips

Oh man, it was good.

We stayed up late with them, talking and chatting. We got to hear all about their trip to the Phillipines for our friend Daniel's wedding and it was lovely. 

Sunday was perfectly restful. Paul left at 5am to go hunting with our friend Glen from church. I slept in for another 5 hours after that (so awesome) then got up, cleaned and tidied the house, organized the fridge and then sat on the couch for a few hours proof reading my uncle's book. It was a nice day. 

Then Jenna came to get me for church - since Lindsay's husband John is in Panama and my husband was away hunting we sat together. I enjoy her so much. Church was full and felt great, as per usual. I am so blessed to be a part of this church. 

After church everyone was busy. Strange. I kept asking people what they were doing, and normally people go out to eat. This time everyone was heading home. 

My parents were heading home also, so I suggested we eat dinner together. They were totally on board and very excited. It sure makes one feel good to have their parents enjoy them that much - they are such wonderful, supportive, loving parents. 

We headed out for Mongolian BBQ at Main and 14th. It's kind seedy looking but it's a decent price and it tastes awesome - plus it's all you can eat. You get to pick what goes in your bowl and what sauces, then they cook it for you on the oven below. 

There's all sorts of great meat and veggies to add, as well as udon noodles!

And then this guy cooks your food with sticks. 


Paul came home by 9pm and we got to cuddle on the couch and catch up.
It was the perfect ending to the weekend. 

Oh and speaking of perfect.
Enter, skinny belt.
It matches my boots!

I wore the above outfit to church and loved it so much I needed to recreate it for work on Monday. I could have worn it as is for work, but really didn't feel like wearing a skirt to work on this rainy day. 

Which do you like better? I tend to lean to the skirt look.

And there you have it. A weekend recap written on Monday!

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