Friday, November 2, 2012

Navy Stripes with Brown // Halloween Moments

So I'll start with the outfits. 

I love the look of Navy and White stripes, black or denim jeans and brown boots. With the addition of my new brown boots, I can finally pull it off and I love it. 

I'm always trying to come up with easy things to wear to work, since it was Friday I remembered an outfit I'd seen that involved a blouse and jeans. Perfect. So with the addition of a statement Necklace I was set to go! And it works with my "at work" jacket that I leave at my desk for outings. I had to run an errand for a coworker and I was glad for the warmth. 

I wore the turquoise pants again - and this time I had Laura take a picture of me outside so you could see that they were in fact turquoise. And sadly, they still look blue in pictures - slightly more turquoise but not fully. 

I love a good fall walk.

This pumpkin toy made me scream so loudly 3 coworkers got off of phone conversations to come check on me. I bet you're wondering's a pretty innocent looking pumpkin. 

One of my coworkers came by my desk to chat, and then continued on his way. I was sending an email to my friend Laura about the mouse problem we have – and that email reminded me of the time this week that a mouse jumped at me from the cupboard. JUMPED AT ME. FROM THE PANTRY. It was horrible. I screamed so loudly. It was 6am. I don’t care. That mouse scared the crap out of me.

So just as I’m thinking all of this out of nowhere something comes flying at my face – for a moment I don’t know what it is and since I was thinking of mice my mind got confused and thought “A mouse is flying at my face again!”. I screamed. Then I realized it was this pumpkin and that the co worker who had come by to talk to me at placed it at my desk and used it’s coil and suction cup to have it jump at me shortly after he left.

My two nearest coworkers where on the phone ad they both got up to come check on me, by the time we realized what had happened we were all laughing. The guilty coworker also came back to laugh. It was actually an awesome moment.

I really like my coworkers but they are all a good 10-20 years older than me, and have very serious jobs. So it was fun to see one of them being playfull.

My coworkers also appreciate good coffee – last year our boss’s gift to us was a Nespresso machine for the break room – this means espresso and steamed/frothed milk. It’s awesome. I have brought in my own sugar free caramel and vanilla syrups. I have everything from latte’s, to coffee meisto’s and even tea latte’s. My current favorite? London Fog’s. 

Today my parents stopped by for coffee - I made them a Vanilla and a Caramel Latte.
It was so nice to chat with them. 

Since Paul is doing a big practicum this week I wanted to start out by having a celebratory dinner Monday. I knew that we'd be having Soup at LG on Tuesday and therefore the odds were high we'd be having soup leftovers all week (I was right, we did) so I decided to go for very non soup food. We had bacon wrapped steaks with fried onions on top, breaded and baked potatoe "chips" and steamed garlic broccoli. Tasty....and 1 out of 3 things were healthy, so that's decent at least. 

Halloween came and went this week as well. 

I'm not opposed to Halloween. Like every other holiday there are good and bad things about it – and like with all things, I believe that God is in the business of redeeming things. So I like Halloween – I love the community and generosity it fosters, I love the cuteness of adorable children in cute outfits, and I like the silliness and creativity that people get to partake in.

Last year I joined the Maxwell’s, Sarah and the Lim’s for trick-or-treating. It was awesome and hilarious. I knew I had to do it again this year. Connor was home sick but I joined up with the Maxwell’s, Lim’s and the Maxwell’s homestay students. Leah and Nate were both in “cowboy” theme, as was I. Though Nate was a Sherrif, Leah looked more rhinestone cowgirl, and I looked like I was about to go muck out a stall (thanks to the heavy plaid Paul sent me out in to stay warm with). Jenna was red riding hood.

Austin was a Pirate, Eliana was a Bumble Bee and Elijah was a fish. Xin, Jenna’s homestay student, was a Chinese Sword Princess and she looked beautiful.

We hit up many houses, we got lots of candy and we giggle a lot at the adorable antics of the kids. 

This picture will be brought out at his wedding.
And I will think, oh man, what was I wearing.

You can see the determination to get to the next house on their faces.

They were so good at waiting to knock until each kid was there. 
Then they would knock and wait. 
Sometimes they'd forget and shout, "open the door" - it was cute, even if not totally polite.
Then they'd say something like "Happy Halloween" or "Trick or Treat"...
Though often it was "Happyhappoween" or "Trickoween" or even "You're Welcome!"

One time I needed to remind them to say thanks, I said, "Say thanks, guys!"
They all parroted back to the lady at the door "Thanks Guys!"

The neighborhood was seriously decked out.

And just as the rain began again we headed back to the Lim's to hang out. 

We shared some Pumpkin beer (you can see Eliana enjoying her candy in the background)...

And caramel apples and pumpkin seeds.

We laughed, we talked. It was a perfect night. 


The Porters' Lodge said...

1) We've been having soup all week as well! Kismet.

2) My office got a Nespresso machine, which was the source of much debate. But I don't usually drink coffee so I hadn't tried it. And then we heard that they were going to get rid of it, because people were actually using it and thus it was expensive...

3) The kids look adorable! I really hope I can take Walter out next year.

Tara said...

I guess it's just a soup kind of week!

That's the good thing about having a fancy office - they expected the cost of the capsules. We reorder regularly and no one minds. It's pretty awesome.


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