Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stopping By

Work is continuing to be fairly busy/steady. I like that!

Since the weekend life, outside of work, has been very restful. Sadly this means there isn't much to blog about. But I have thoroughly been enjoying the week. 

Monday night I was supposed to go to a church meeting to hear from Paul WB. Paul used to live in Vancouver and go to our church - he and his wife and kids moved to Newfoundland to be close to her parents and for him to do more schooling. We miss them a lot! They are heading overseas as a family which is inspiring.  Paul spoke at church on Sunday (bold, convicting and inspiring) and has two more sessions planned for us this week. Monday was the 5 Dysfunctions of Team by Patrick Lencioni and Tuesday and Wednesday he's speaking in two different locations about what him and his family are actually going to be doing. I was excited to hear both - my Paul and I had studied the 5 Dysfunctions of Team with Paul Barker this summer and had really enjoyed it. I was curious to hear Paul WB's take. 

Man that was WAY too many Paul's to have in one paragraph. 

When I got home from work Monday though I had a terrible headache and realized that I needed to skip the meeting to rest. I'm glad I did, it is helping my week immensely and my headache went away and I was able to get a really good sleep. 

Tuesday night Lifegroup was cancelled because we are going together as a LG to hear Paul WB speak on Wednesday night - we will be sharing my homemade Lasagne before heading over to Sheila's for the session. I'm excited to hear all about what they are doing!

In other news I have a secret. No I am not pregnant. It has to do with a rental house. BUT I am not going to post any details, photos or anything until we sign papers and pay money on Saturday. So I will remain mum. Except of course for those of you I already emailed with the details...I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets :( I swear though, the blog post that is coming at you on Saturday will be awesome. Unless something goes wrong, and then I will be super sad. 

But my excitement over my secret keeps me from knowing how to blog, because it's all I'm thinking about. I doodle house plans and designs, I make lists for moving...I'm a non-stop obsessing machine currently. 

So on that note: how do you plan your design for your house? How do you fill spaces? Do you wing it or plan ahead? Any tips for moving and decorating?

And of course, Pinterest is about to be devoured by me. I'm a woman in love. 

Ok, back to work. I have a day of expense reports, travel details and archiving ahead. Thankfully though we have a work lunch in between - full on turkey dinner - it's actually more Christmas themed, but since it's American Thanksgiving this weekend it does feel timely. 

Amazing food from the Butler Did it Catering

The wonderful centerpieces Leigh created.

Oh and just because it feel criminal to post without that many pictures, and honestly, despite my preoccupation I have been wearing clothing. I might as well show you. 

Though it does feel silly to post pictures of outfits I've already posted here, however I realized that both my outfits came from the internets and I should show you their origins!

First look from J's Everyday Fashion

As you can see, the bottom half of the above photo is blurry. Nice one Tara. 

And that is a wrap for today. 

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The Porters' Lodge said...

Tips for moving (I think I can be considered fairly expert by now!):

- give yourself at least a week more than you think you need, because it always takes longer than you expect

- designate an area in your house for the boxes to go, pack that area first, and then start moving the boxes into it as you go along. It keeps the mess down making it easier to see your progress & helps ensure you don't miss anything

- BUBBLE WRAP. If you have anything breakable that you value, bubble-wrap it or you will be sorry. I have had things break in the strangest ways because they weren't wrapped

- Price out some moving companies. I've used them for two moves and it makes things so much easier. I don't think it necessarily costs much more than asking friends to help and then having to pay for the obligatory pizza & beers, plus renting a truck and paying for gas... I love using movers. We always do our own packing tho.

- Always do one last check on the day you leave if you can. I almost lost a pair of gold earrings in Toronto but fortunately David went around checking the window-sills.

I know you've moved before so this is probably stuff you already know, but sometimes a reminder is nice when you've been settled for awhile.


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