Friday, November 30, 2012

Decor Dreaming

I must first start off by saying the amount of love, support and excitement people have been sharing with us as we've found our home is amazing. The faith people had as we looked, and the joy they share with us now has BLOWN me away. I went to a women's prayer night last night and I had woman after woman come up to me and say how excited they were for us! And they let me ramble on about the house, so you know they meant it! I've received blog comments and facebook comments, emails and so much more. I am amazed by how loving a community of people can be. 

Growing up I always blogged in a vacuum, meaning no one really ever read my blog except for LeAnna and Lance...and then slowly I gathered a few (like 4) followers in college, but in this past year I've gone from having on average 10 people read each post to between 60 and 130 per post! It's amazing to receive love and support and just to know that people are reading what I write. It's pretty awesome. Because I love to write and I love to share and I'm so glad I'm not just doing all that only for me. So thank you for reading this!

And now onto something that is currently making my heart it's not Paul, it's dreaming of decorating our new house.
OH! The joy.

I honestly feel like a kid waiting for Christmas, waiting to decorate my house. It's insane. 

So without further ado. 

Bedroom Plans:

Here are some shots of the room.

And here are my rough (very rough) of what I hope the space will look like. 

The dressers that we have will go against the wall with the door and under the window. I already mentioned what I want to do with them here. But to recap we will be painting them, most likely a deep grey, and making them new and pretty again. 

I want to change our room colors from grey, brown and green to Grey's, Whites & Yellow's.
Here are some of the inspiration Pin's. 

Tara Morgan's pin on Pinterest.

We currently have a grey comforter so only need to add some pillows and we'll be set. Here's a photo of our comforter and some pillows that might work.
Thus far we haven't had a I think I'll make one. Kind of like this!

And I love the idea of the DIY Starburst mirror on top

I feel like this is the type of room I may actually keep clean! We'll have to see though. 

Ready for more?

The Den (Office/Craft room/Guest room!)

Ok...I'll admit I'm struggling with some sadness. I was hoping to do this in one of the nice big rooms, but reality prevails and we should leave those as bedrooms. So we'll be taking the tiny, wood pannelled, closet-less room. 


So to deal with the color I think we will be painting 3 of the walls. One of the walls actually looks cool, the rest look cheap. So we'll leave the cool wall (obviously) and paint the others...probably a like army green or light grey. 

This also rough drawing shows the room from above and then a front on view of each wall. Since I drew it though we realized we won't have a closet, so the chair in front a closet where I'd hoped to do a closet desk will just be an actual desk. 

This is what I'd hoped to do

Oh well, it's still going to be awesome! Here it is!

Basically the room will have a desk and bookshelves for Paul along one wall, a corner craft nook for me with a small desk and a futon for guests to stay on. This also gives us a place to be together if we need to just have a moment to chat, we can easily, comfortably sit on the futon together. This room gives me a place to house all my craft stuff and gives Paul a place to study/work with the door shut. It's perfect. 

The Futon we have will be recovered in white and I will add pillows that link our two decorating styles.

My section is inspired by Pinterest and especially the pin that is linked to the Johnny' in a Dress Craft Room.

And on the back of the door...

And Paul's is inspired by the Green Bay Packers, Oregon Ducks & all things manly.
I want his side to be functional but also fun...a place that can house all his books but also disply his WW2 memorobilia and rock collection. A place where History, Americana and Sports meet. Plus there needs to be space to put up his Speech & Debate plaques. I'm excited to make a space for him that he can love and that he can be proud of!

The main colors on Paul's side will be Brown, Green & Gold. 
On my side it will be Grey, White, Bright Green, Turquoise & pops of yellow. 
The futon will be solid with pillows or throws in these colors and designs ranging from leopord (for me) to map print (for him). 

And lastly, for today, we have... 
The laundry room!

I read Jen @ iHeart Organizing's blog regularly and what she and others do in their laundry rooms and have been excited to have a chance to do something awesome here. For the last 2 and a half years our laundry has been shared and it's been on an outside porch. This mean whenever it's cold (below 0) we can't do laundry or the pipes burst. It's frustrating!

Our new laundry room is pretty random. The machines are laid out strangely and the room is fairly barren. It also houses the hot water tank. BUT the room is large and clean and workable! On top of that our garage and downstairs hallway go into this space, so it's a great place to put a mudroom as well. And as we own a freezer and fridge of our own we'll need a space to put them. So instant plan!

This room is hard to imagine because I'm hoping to move the dryer slightly so it's less awkwardly placed in the room, but with wiring, etc it might not be possible and I won't know until we're there trying. 

However here is the rough layout of the room.
H = Hot Water Tank
D = Dryer
S = Sink
W = Washer
R = Fridge
F = Freezer

I'm hoping to put a small room divider around the hot water tank so that it's less obvious/ugly. 

Here are some of my laundry room inspirations

As well, I want to use this room as a mudroom. My inspirations are as follows.
And here is my rough drawing of the space

So there you go. These are some of my thoughts and dreams for our house. I still have NO IDEA what to do with the living room. with only vague ideas for the kitchen and dining room. But that will come as we settle! And Hooray! We gave in our notice last night! We're officially (again) moving!

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