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It has been a fun week; signing papers for a rental house, dreaming of decor, planning a move, etc. 
But it's also been ordinary. Work every day, food to eat, clothes to wear. 

I wore this on Wednesday - this photo is taken downstairs at the Royal Palace (a house filled with lovely ladies from church in East Van) after lifegroup on Wednesday. 

I wore this outfit on Friday and Paul was raving. 
I never can quite guess what outfits he'll fall in love with!

And Saturday I needed something comfy, cute and easy to wear all day.
This fit the bill perfectly.

Also on Thursday I wore this outfit and couldn't quite decide if it looked best buttoned or not.


I wore this outfit on the day I had lunch with Arlene - we had such a lovely time! We didn't stop talking for an hour and a half, which if you know either of us shouldn't surprise you. I love getting to chat with that lady. 

Also this week I cooked....we had a friend (Kayla Wilson, shout out!) over for dinner and I made us Tortellini with Rose Sauce and Garlic Baked Salmon. It was awesome.

But lets actually talk about the week. 

Monday night I had a killer headache and stayed home from a church meeting that Paul went to. Tuesday night LG was bumped to Wednesday night so I got the night off! I am proof reading a book for someone so I worked on that. Wednesday night was our LG joining up with some other LG's from the church to hear Paul WB speak. Thursday night was dinner with Kayla and then we went over to hang out with Jenna. Friday night Paul had a guys thing to go to and I spent the evening hanging out with the lovely Lindsay McCarthy. Dang girl, if you read this, we need to get a photo together!

Saturday I was up pretty early, I couldn't really sleep. So I cleaned, organized and then worked on proof reading the book a bit more. Then Paul got up and we headed over to TC & Irene's to help them move....6 blocks. There were many hands so the work was light. We were finished helping and all eating Pizza together  in their new house by noon. The guys even had time to help them assemble some furniture for their new homestay student!

Then Paul and I headed out to Starbucks at Fraser and 29th to spend a couple hours studying. He worked on schoolwork and I worked on proofreading the book. You can see that the snowman on my cup was very intrigued by the book and was taking the opportunity to sneak a peak at it. 

Then we went to go sign the papers for the house we're going to be renting. You can read more about that here. I also took a few new pictures which I'll be posting this week as well as my decor ideas for our bedroom and our office/craftroom/guest room. We measured rooms, checked our details and filled in paperwork. We left ecstatic and excited. 

On our way into our house we saw this gorgeous couple!

Joel and Katie were headed out to a wedding and don't they look FABULOUS?
Katie looks amazing in green and I think Joel looks like Ryan Gosling here. 
Huge compliment.

I decided to set the table for dinner that night since we had friends coming over. 
As you can see Paul is relaxing in the background.

I love the bright flowers and grey and red napkins. I looked at this table far longer than was necessary.

The Froese's came over for dinner after that. We had great food (Lasagne, homemade) and then played an epic round of Agricola - which I'm more and more getting the hang of. 

Aren't Nick's homemade game parts awesome?

Sunday morning involved some sleeping in, some productivity and then while Paul did homework I worked on setting the table again and prepping food for a lunch meeting we were having. We were getting together with the Chibota's and the Morgan's to talk about planning for marriage ministries. It was a fun and productive time. 

I made my "go to" guest lunch items: Turkey Melts and Summer Pasta Salad. Both were a hit! You can see the recipe for the Summer Pasta Salad in the link above and the turkey melts are the easier thing ever. Mix bacon or crispy sausage with chunks of turkey or chicken, throw in some diced celery and mix that all with some mayo and garlic and onion salts. Put on bread or buns and top with Mozza or Parm or Cheddar Cheese. Bake until tops are golden. Voila! Always a hit.

Then it was off to church for Baptisms!

After church I got to chat and connect with a bunch of people and then it was home for leftovers and work - homework for Paul, proof reading for me. We were productive and we were in bed by 10. Success!

Paul is pretty bogged down in homework right now, I feel for the guy. Also our house needs to get packed. Can you guess who is doing that? At least I'm used to with having packed away for subletters this summer. 

So if I'm missing in real life that's because I'm at home packing for our move - because man! we have a lot of stuff!

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