Friday, November 9, 2012

Pinteresting and other thoughts

So I did the first part of the Pinterest Challenge. 
You might recall from Monday that I'd planned to make Easy Garlic Chicken and Hasselback Potatoes

I did and they were awesome. 

My only issue was that I just have one oven and the chicken needs to be cooked at 500 but the potatoes I think were only to be cooked at 425. So I cooked both at 475 which meant the chicken took a bit longer to cook and the potatoes were a bit burnt on top, but they were still super tasty, they just don't look quite as pretty as the original PIN. Though the chicken looks identical. 


It was most definitely Paul approved - and I loved it also. That's always a win. 

This week has generally been crisp and cool - despite one VERY soggy day on my bike (horrible). The rides in, though, have been beautiful. I keep being amazed at just how beautiful this overpriced, overcrowded city is. 

One morning I somehow managed to get into bed with all my clothes laid out for the next day AND lunches packed - and in the morning I didn't waste time and was miraculously ready to leave half an hour early. Miracle. 

So I hopped on my bike and instead of whizzing down Cambie like normal, I stopped at the Starbucks at 17th to read my bible and do some devotional time. Since it's Christmas Cup season again, I enjoyed a Creme Brule Latte with extra candy sprinkles. 

The time was so nice and the drink so lovely it felt worthy of three photos. 

Monday night we had a Deacon's meeting, Tuesday night was lifegroup (and the at the table Taco's were a big hit), Wednesday night my friend Ana came over and we had Taco Salad (obviously there were many leftovers from Tuesday, as per usual) and Thursday night I joined Jenna and her kids for the evening. I got to cuddle with a still slightly sick Austin, and put Connor to bed, praying, talking and cuddling with him. What a great way to spend some time. 

This is from my dinner with Ana: Such a nice visit.

I've also had lunch dates this week! I met up with Laura at Timmies, my parents at Elephant  & Castle, and today Paul comes to eat with me. 

This is from my lunch at Elephant & Castle - Thai Chicken Salad, so tasty.

And, as per usual I've worn clothing. Weird, right?

I have been a bit addicted to my boots this week. And I rotate them, so neither of the pairs gets jealous. 

And it wasn't until I was doing this that I realized that Tuesday and Thursdays outfits were pretty much the same.

And I'll admit to being IN LOVE with the outfit from Wednesday

I'm also 99% certain that if you go to Every Nation Vancouver Church on Sunday that you'll see me in that outfit. So if you have just been wishing for a reason to go to church, look no further! Me in a cute outfit is reason enough, right? 

That was meant to sound jokey, but in retrospect it sounds cocky. I'm going to leave it because I don't feel like changing it...but please know jokey, not cocky. 

I've been seeing lots on Pinterest that I am drawn to; some things I plan to do, some I just long to do, and some I will absolutely for sure do. 

For example our bedroom set is pretty old and banged up - it used to belong to my Nana and then it lived in our guest bedroom at home for years. You can see where Jenna and I covered one side in stickers. You can also see that the handles are falling off and broken. It has great lines and at one time was in excellent condition. It's sturdy and has great sizes of drawers.

As well as the set (one dresser of the set in each photo) we have a small turquoise set of drawers that my mom used when she was a little girl AND a chest of drawers that Paul inherited from his family. 

They all fit our belongings well but they aren't aesthetically pleasing at all. We are thankful for their price (free) and look forward to the opportunity to make them amazing.

I think we will do my set from my Nana in yellow or Grey, Paul's in a dark stain brown and the turquoise one I think will be painted white and yellow chevron. Since I'm pretty sure Paul will only agree to Chevron in the room in small doses.

I bring up the yellow because these are the inspirations for our room: One and Two.

And since we now have a grey bedspread we just need to get some pillows and other accent pieces that pop. 

This will all have to wait until we move but for now I'm dreaming, pinning and planning. 

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