Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 8 - Austin

Day 8, Sunday: Austin
No Driving but 5 hours of boating!

Sunday was a day I had dreamt about for ages. Paul said that the last time he'd been in Texas they'd spent a day floating down the river in tubes. I could not wait! And finally the day arrived! We got up bright and early at 7 so we could be on the road by 8 with sandwiches made and food and drink in our floating cooler. We joined up with Nancy's friends Pat and Pat (married couple - Patrick and Patricia). When we got to the river we could see that the vegetation was higher than normal so we rented canoes instead of floating, but it was still an ideal day. 

And because it was so ideal I have hardly any pictures to show for it, but the river looked just like the river in Tennessee that we canoed down so you can refer back to that post for visuals ;p But here are the few we have of us afterwards:

After dinner we joined up with Cris and hit up Hop Daddy for burgers and wow - they rocked. 

Also their beers were huge!

Then we headed home to watch the Olympic Closing Ceremonies with Cris and Nancy and their friends Susan and Mike. 

And Nancy made us stove top popcorn that was to die for!

All in all a perfect Sunday in Austin. 

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