Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 1 - Nashville, TN to Fort Walton Beach, FL

Day 1, Sunday: Nashville, TN to Fort Walton Beach, FL
KM start: 156, 457 Km
Trip Meter: 0 km
Time Driven: 6am - 2pm (8 hours)
Driven in Nashville, TN over the 8 weeks of school: 5,574 km

We managed to get out the door by 6am promptly with warm beverages and a cooler filled with food. We had also reached new levels of packing genius and our car was packed perfectly. We were stoked. And punctual. And sleepy.

GPS said we would get to our hotel at 1:04 but we knew that we needed to stop at least once or twice for gas and would also need a Walmart stop to get a few things. So we hoped that with stops we'd only add 45 minutes to our time and we did it! We were pulling into our hotel at 1:50pm. That is our best time yet. 

And since we made breakfast at home before leaving, then ate premade sandwiches on the way there and had premade hot chicken/veggie wraps for dinner we only spent $13 on other foods - coffees at McDonalds in Alabama and snacks at the Pic & Sav in smalltown Alabama as well - snap peas and cherries. Win!

The drive was beautiful. 

And as we arrived at our hotel we realized why Candace had said we should come to this beach - and why everyone we mentioned our plans to come here was so excited. It was beautiful. 

We unloaded our stuff into the hotel, put our food from the cooler into the large mini fridge and then filled our coolers with ice and a few beers and headed down to the beach. It was heaven. 

After we had our fill of the beach for the day we came back to the room to heat up our wraps and put on AC appropriate clothing and then headed out to Starbucks for drinks and a card game. We have $40 in Starbucks gift cards from acing tests at school and from Paul winning so Starbucks is our fun treat for the trip. 


LeAnna et David said...

beautiful beach! i'm jealous :)

Paraphrase said...

Man of War flags on the beach! Am I right? my parents used to own a condo in Florida when I was little, and the main thing I remember is being scared to death of the jelly fish. Until I actually got stung, and realized it wasn't that terrible :)


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