Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 5: NOLA to Austin, TX

Day 5, Thursday: New Orleans, LA to Austin, TX
KM start: 157,529 Km
Trip Meter: 1,072 km
Time Driven: 7:30am - 4:30pm (9 hours)

Thursday morning we got up bright and early for breakfast so we could head out to Austin to capitalize on our time with Paul's Mom. We waited in this room below for the valet to bring up our car - love this room.

Then we began the drive from New Orleans, Louisiana (or NOLA as they call it) to Austin, TX. And oh my word, the highways are beautiful. Water was everywhere. Water between the lanes, water on both sides. Trees growing in water. It was one of the most beautiful highways I have ever seen - and it was so neat to see names right out of a John Grisham novel, or from one of Candace's stories - Biloxi, Hattiesburg, etc. Love it. 

On this trek we started a new audio book - "Light from Heaven" by Jan Karon - as I write this we're in Phoenix a week later and we're still on the same audio book! 13 discs! But we're enjoying it. 

Also on top of Morgan Roads, and Fort Morgan, we saw a sign for Morgan City! We have seen more Morgan signs than Mitchell signs by double!

Then we entered Texas.
Where everything is bigger and better.
And there are stars and stripes galore.

Also the overpasses in Houston were amazing.

I got excited when I saw this sign and thought of our friends Christopher, Evan and Rachel.

And 9 hours later we arrived in Austin.

We pulled up to Paul's Mom's house and she was there with her husband Cris to greet us. 
They even wrote a sign for us

They were very clearly excited to have us with them, as we were very excited to be there! And seeing the tiredness on our faces from 9 hours of driving they very kindly offered us a beer right off the bat - we were very thankful. From there we plotted the next 4 days of fun - there was much to see and do in Austin. To start they took us out to dinner at "San Miguel" - Margaritas and Appies - and wow, we were amazed and full. The food was excellent, the company was wonderful and the conversation flowed quickly. Plus the restaurant itself was beautiful.

After dinner we joined Nancy and Cris at one of the homes they are working on to do some marking for painters - it was cool to see them at work, and to see the house they were working on - I immediately wanted the house. Gorgeous. 

We stayed up late between dinner and visiting the house so when we got home we immediately went to sleep - we were exhausted but happy. And needing rest for the adventures to come!

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