Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 6 - Austin

Day 6, Friday: Austin
No Driving!

Friday we slept in until 9 (woo) and then headed out to experience Austin, starting with the  University of Texas (UT) and it's stores. We parked next to the Texas Hillel Jewish Center and then headed to the Coop to do some shopping. 

The Texas store was filled with Texas Burnt Orange

My new Texas shirt - Texas on the front, Longhorn down the back

In Texas gear at the UT stadium

We then headed to the Domain for some sight seeing and shopping - we stopped at the Steeping room for tea, but it was sooo busy and we were so hungry so we ditched the mall and headed to Taco Deli instead. BUT look how cool looking the Domain is.

But then we made our way to the home of Paul and his family's favorite restaurant - Taco Deli

Look at the joy on his face! 
Dona sauce and tacos are coming

Happy mother and son

All the tables were decorated differently but beautifully

Mashed potatoes with chilies and a chicken taco.

Paul is soooo happy.
He had us take this photo to send to Katie to brag about it

Paul and his mom

Then we headed to run more errands - we were on route to Hobby Lobby and we saw this random animal stand and food trucks.

Paul wore some swords into Hobby Lobby - his mom needed to frame them for a client. He enjoyed wearing them greatly. 

Then Paul and his mom offered me the greatest love action - they let me wander Hobby Lobby for over an hour - just browsing and enjoying - I only left with a few stacks of paper and some supplies to make two necklaces. Hobby Lobby is amazing. I wish we had them closer. Though the things are so amazing I'd probably spend far too much time coveting what I can't afford so many it's best we don't have anything quite as amazing. 

We headed home for a brief little rest and then got ready to go out for a nice dinner at North, an italian restaurant. It was back in the Domain and they have live musicians playing. It was a beautiful, perfect evening. The sun was setting to the side and there were little kids dancing in the square. And our meal was perfection. 

Nancy and Cris at our dinner

Me and Paul

We got a pitcher of Sangria to share - it was lovely.
Sugar rimmed!

They brought sundried pepper butter and parmesan.

Also Olives and Chili Flakes - amazing.
You can see the sun hitting the table beautifully.

As we waited for our food we noticed that the cellist was now on TOP of his cello.

Still playing beautifully.
And the drummer came over to drum on the microphone

And then later he drummed on the cello itself.
It was excellent.

And then our food appeared.
And wow.

If you go into the Austin area you should eat at North at the Domain.

The best was Paul's meal - Strozzapreti (seen below) - was the best of all of it.

Though Nancy's Scallops were phenomenal as well. 

Then we drove through the colourful nighttime area of Austin - lights, food trucks, people, music, smells - it was a whirl of activity. And then we headed into a pub to a store in the back that sold Cigars. It was quite the experience! Paul was quite happy.

The Tobacconist was very knowledgable and gave us a half hour lesson on the topic.
Long but informational.

The Cigars sure did look cool

The smoking room

Then we headed home and again, exhausted, we went to sleep right away. What busy times we have in Austin with Nancy and Cris!

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