Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 2 - Hot days with my husband

Day 2, Monday: Fort Walton Beach, FL
No driving!

This morning I woke up early - it was a beautiful sunny day and I wasn't sleepy. I woke up to go find a spot on the beach to read my bible and pray. It was perfection. 

Also while I was reading I saw dolphins. Dolphins! Just a bit into the water, so cool!

See the dolphins? Just above the heads of the people watching.

Then I wandered and took photos of the gorgeous beach.

Then I went to wake Paul up and we came down to the lobby for breakfast. For a free "continental" breakfast, I was very impressed! They had english muffins, eggs, cheese, waffles, cereal, fruit and toast. I made an Egg Muffin and it was very tasty. Thank you Best Western Fort Walton Beach!

Then we headed back out to the beach.
We realized this was the furthest we'd be from home on our trip.
Almost the opposite side of the country and our farthest trip. 
South East Corner versus North West Corner.

Now there were some rain breaks but during those moments we either curled up under the umbrella since the heat remained, took a trip into town or stayed in for a pasta lunch and settlers. But then it was always back to the beach! 

On our trip to town I got the yellow floatie you see in the background - $2.99 for a floatie? Ok!

Paul grabbed a boogie board from the beach attendant.

He was in the water for hours.
There were dolphins and jumping fish not far from him.
So cool to watch

What a great way to spend the day.

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LeAnna et David said...

that is *so* cool. I have friends who paid $200 each to swim with dolphins at Sea World, and here Paul is just frolicking with them free-style in the ocean.


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