Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Final Week Recap - July 30th to Aug 3rd

(Clever title right?)

July 30 - Aug 3: What a final week. Every day we had class from 9-12, 1-4, and then studied with classmates for our big final/quiz every morning, half of lunch and usually for an hour after class. Daaaang. 

Just one of the many coffee shops we studied in after class

During the week we had some great speakers: Pastor David Houston on a balanced life, Paul B our teachers (as per usual), Dr. Stephen Mansfield (amazing speaker and author - he wrote, "The faith of Barack Obama," "The Faith of Oprah," and "The Faith of George W. Bush" - he is engaging, brilliant and hilarious - a class favorite for sure) and Pastor Brock Lillis (I mentioned him here earlier). Brining us to Thursday, which was our final day of classes. Phew!

It was a week filled with excitement, growth, the Holy Spirit and deeper relationships with these new friends. 

In the evenings we were CRAZY packed: 

Monday was dinner at Kacey and Tanner Shetlers - how fun to get to hang out with their kids and have great conversation with the parents as well! The Shetlers have spent time in Vancouver at our church and been a part of a church here in Nashville - we had so many wonderful conversations about how to do church and how to grow.  

Tuesday was dinner at Bert and Sheila Thompson's - what a treat to get to enjoy their hospitality (Grilled chicken & pork, fresh salad and a fruit bowl (raspberries, strawberries and blueberries - sooooo good) and great conversation about doing ministry in Canada, especially planting churches. It was such a life giving, helpful night. 

Wednesday was dinner with Jessica and Barry Lee - we'd had them over at the beginning of our time here, and it was great fun to get to see their house - they have only been married a few months and it was fun to see them in their space. We had a great dinner with them - not only could we laugh and play dominoes but we could also talk about school and ministry and church. 

Thursday our classmates were feeling excited and ready to celebrate being officially done classes, so almost all of them ended up coming over after dinner - we hung out, 20 of us, sprawled around our place eating popcorn, watching olympics and some of the group playing Spades. It was a pretty perfect evening - it felt like family. 

Heather and Christopher

Kait, Victoria, Heather, Dorinda and Rachel
Playing Spades

Will, Alex, Kika, Heather and Evan.
Heather managed to get in all of those photos, haha. 

Some of the olympic watching crew
Toya, TJ, Virginia, Tif and Constance.

Me and my girl Sherwine

Mama Toya and I


Quelf dictated that Sherwine had to do the Chicken Dance for a minute
I had to do the Hawaiian Hula

Alex had to hold something in her left hand for the entirety of the game.

Rachel was attempting a magic trick taught by Constance.

Kika Morgan and Paul Morgan

The Morgans

Me, Kait and Paul

And I'll leave graduation day and our last TN day for another post since this has already gotten extremely long!

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