Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 8: Getting Ready for our Anniversary Weekend

This has been a productive morning. And I am very glad of that.

I also got to have lunch with Laura which is always a treat.

Later tonight is Discipleship Group (where I meet with lovely ladies and eat and talk) and Life group (tonight we’re taking on Worship, woo!).

Right now my fridge is FULL of leftovers; they are slowly being eaten and so there are many half full containers. It’s also almost time to go grocery shopping so there are many half empty veggie containers. I want to clean it out but am away from home so often I haven’t had the chance. So tonight before D Group I will conquer the fridge…right now it’s pretty hard to find anything in there it’s so full looking!

I can’t wait to have it all organized!

I’ve got a section in my freezer that is for this coming weekend away. So far it has a tasty rose sauce casserole for 2, 2 steaks, a bag of jumbo prawns, a pack of bacon (obviously those three go together), breadsticks and our favorite Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. In the back pantry I have bottles of red wine (for Paul) and Sangria (for me), chips, snacks, and everything coffee tea related. Everything else is fridge related and will be grabbed at the last moment. So excited!

We are going here:



Paraphrase said...

Such an awesome looking retreat place! Hey, so is the blog thing becoming more natural yet? Tonight was the first time that it was actually becoming fun for me and less of a chore.

LeAnna et David said...

We looked at this place as a potential honeymoon spot :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend away. As I'll be traveling--congrats on your one year!!


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