Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 7: Family

I love my family. This is the entire Mitchell clan (Austin’s even there – but he’s still in Jenna’s belly in the picture).

And THIS is all the older cousins with my grandma. I really like my family.

This was the first Easter that I did not attend a Mitchell family dinner. Last night Paul and I joined his family for a great Morgan family dinner. My sister joined in on Saturday for our “friends” Easter lunch, and other than that there were no Mitchell’s involved! My parents are in Port Alberni looking after my grandma and visiting friends. My Aunt and Uncle from Port Alberni are in England visiting their daughter who is also my awesome cousin – the bride in the photo above (hence the need for my parents to be in Port Alberni). My sister spent most of the weekend with her husband’s family. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel sad at all. Holidays change as you get older. These past two Christmases were the first that I did not wake up at my parent’s house in Port Alberni. In fact, this past year we had my parents and our friends over for dinner and didn’t even see my sister until days later. This next Christmas Paul and I will be in Austin with his sister visiting their mom, Nancy. I’m quite excited.

I like starting new traditions with Paul. I like hosting friends AND family together. That is something my family did a lot of when I was young. Actually they never really stopped doing that. We still always have a few extras at the table, and it’s something I am so grateful for!

I am so full today; I didn’t realize it was possible to be so full from dinner that you don’t need to eat breakfast the next day. Ridiculous! Though by lunch I was so hungry…my vegetable soup definitely filled the spot (and helped make amends for all the crap I ate this weekend).

And what follows below is things that make me laugh. I’m tired, I’m full and I’m working on a Holiday Monday. I need me some laughs!

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LeAnna et David said...

the autocorrect one made me laugh.

it's sad when things change, in a way, but if everything stayed the same it would just stagnate. It's so awesome that Paul has the same ideas for spending holidays as you do. It's fun to make new traditions.


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